I miss my food!

10 12 2010

Hi readers, I am planning to revive my blog. Please stay tuned.
Migrating to


See you! :)

I’m Full! *burps*

17 02 2009

Hey foodies! Sorry if you’ve been expecting photos or at least some words from me. But I haven’t touched this space for a long time. Sincere apology from me. I went through a tough time with family matters and I just didn’t have the heart to blog during that period. Sad to say I’m not resuming with new posts but I am happy to have formed friendships through this blog. It has been such a pleasure to have the occasions to meet some of you who shares the passion for food and all forms of food porn. Photography is still a big part of me, therefore I have a photoblog to continue with photo posting. It doesn’t revolve around food anymore but I still need to eat ;) so there will be some food related photos or wet market hunts (I like the commotion and fishy smell!). I’m glad to have been able to share my food journey with all you readers and I hope you guys have enjoyed it too!

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Autumn Hokkaido Fair

31 10 2008


The Autumn Hokkaido Fair is ongoing from 29 Oct – 12 Nov at Isetan, Suria KLCC. There are lots of Japanese products featured, fresh and processed. Needless to say, most of the items are so expensive ;(





Palm sized daifuku! Sadly I hope to see them shaped into nice intricate motifs like I’ve seen on tv.

frozen dessert

Some frozen dessert. I think you just have whack it into the microwave to get a nice treat after work :)

Autumn Hokkaido Fair

grilled squid section

One of the reason I was dragged here is the aroma that drifted from this station! Oh my.. smells so good.. I could detect it 2 floors down! ;D

grilling squid

grliing scallops

Frozen scallops thrown directly onto the grill :o That didn’t stop me from buying though. It costs RM8 for 3 pieces of big scallops about the size of 2 50¢ coins, and I’ve never tried scallops with this size ever. So it’s worth a try for me ^.^


Scallops in teriyaki sauce or they call it hotate kushi. I didn’t like the fact that they dump the freshly grilled and sizzling hot scallops into a plastic container. I recommend immediately open it, find the nearest food court and indulge!