Lunas Roast Duck

27 05 2006

Price: RM 27.80 for 4 people

  • RM 17 for one whole duck
  • 2 plates of rice, 2 bowls of porridge
  • 1 plate of bean sprouts
  • 1 plate of taukua (hard bean curds) with eggs
  • RM4 for 4 cups of leong cha (herbal tea)

Location: Tan Kee Restaurant in Lunas, Kedah

Ask any Penangite, they would probably associate the best roast duck with Lunas town. For anyone who has never heard of this restaurant, they would probably question the rationality of driving to another state solely for a plate of duck rice. Fortunately for living in Malaysia, it is only an approximately 30 minutes journey from Penang Island. And it’s all worthwhile when you sink your teeth into the tender meat and savour the sweet sauce all over your mouth. The skin is slightly crispy but still maintains the chewy-ness. Do order the bean sprouts as their’s is fresh and crunchy.




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