Cinnamon Ice Blended

1 06 2006

Price: RM 12.08 (Regular + cream)

Location: Belissa Row Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Today being the last day at my job, I went to Coffee Bean to splurge my hard earned money on that Banana Caramel Ice Blended because I’m a sucker for any banana based drink. I was told that the promo period has ended and I can opt for the Mucho Mango. Aah! Why do you have to be a, heartbreaker? I saw the ad only two weeks ago and it is a summer drink and summer hasn’t even begin in the north hemisphere and you tell me it’s over? I wanted to walk out of there, drive to Burmah Road and get 30 pieces of apom with banana filling for RM 12 but I ended up ordering a Cinnamon Ice Blended as my skin is not thick enough to do that. Three words to describe this sinful indulgence, I’ve been converted. I can’t tolerate the smell and taste of cinnamon, particularly from cinnamon rolls and cinnamon buns. This drink throws all my dislikings towards cinnamon out the window.

I have a second-hand paperback Michael Crichton for company :)

I know I’ve read a blog somewhere which mentioned this. Is C for Chinese? Cannot be Chindian or Cik Cantik eh?

Edit: The ad which I saw is actually from Starbucks. They have Banana Coconut, Banana Caramel and Banana Mocha all lined up for this summer. See what happens when a kid grew up frequenting kopitiam… can’t differentiate between the two.




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