Camel’s Milk

3 06 2006

Price: RM 1

As odd as it sounds, I hope I can try all types of animal milk before I die. When I saw a basket containing bars of camel’s milk (like yoghurt bars) being sold at a shop in Carrefour Butterworth, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. When I took my first bite, the taste hit me strongly in the mouth and it just tastes artificial. I can’t describe it. The groundnuts and sweetened peanuts in the bar is definitely needed to balance up the somewhat funny flavour.




One response

5 06 2006

Wooo didn’t buy for me? cheh…hehehe…i am dieing d…post this msg at 5.30am @_@ Just finished the ‘family photo’ complete with labels. But i dunno their nickname and not sure if they like the pic…guess loads of work duing reunion….@_@… Btw, cool and the most super organised site I’ve ever seen. I give up on taking photos…feel belittled by ur colosal photo taking skill. ekkeke

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