Home Sweet Penang

8 09 2006

Mini murtabak. A tasty Muslim Indian dish made of omellette wrapped in roti canai dough, then cooked on a flat iron skillet to perfection. Lip-smacking!
Price: RM 1.50

The murtabak man who operates every Friday, 5-7pm at Pasar Jumaat. Along Jalan Dhobi Ghaut, a bit further up after the turning into Penang General Hospital’s side entrance.

Thanks JM for bring me there! Our food adventure has been nothing but fulfilling in every aspect! Hehehe. We’ve taken so many yummy foodilicious pictures that I will post up very shortly after this.

Thanks mom! For this delicious and healthy bowl of herbal soup, and the tender drumstick I can easily bite with my braced teeth and ooooh.. my favourite, eggs with a hint of herbal flavour.

Craving for nasi lemak on one fine morning, and mommy bought one for me!

Price: RM 1

Wow… it feels wonderfully great to be back in Penang. After two months of absence, I get pampered with food and more food! Thanks to everyone whom I love.. for the warm welcoming back and for fattening me up.

p/s: Alamak! Forgot to eat asam laksa!




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10 11 2006

nice photos..

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