Jiggli Kambing

23 09 2006

Price: RM 4.50
Location: Sri Kembangan

Had a sumptious, fulfilling and memorable meal for dinner yesterday! This is affectionately called jiggli kambing. The ingredients are salad (strips of carrot and cucumber in mayonnaise + ketchup) and tender mutton cooked in Indian style, wrapped up in roti canai telur. The roti canai is prepared in such a way that it has more eggs than dough. Mmm!

Of course, this can be easily prepared in your own kitchen! JM, substitute your egg roll melon with the mutton from Perak Rd. market! Hehehe…




One response

25 09 2006

woooo….interestin….hahah can can….more sedap…kakaka…..gunung raya no good ar? My mom also naik gunung raya but ok wor, she didn’t say anything. Naik plusliner or nice lor next time…hahaha kebodohan menggunung…..hey if got time visit onaka’s blog lar… :)

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