Penang Gastronomic Flash Back

1 10 2006

I love eating economy fried noodles! It’s cheap and tastes as good as Italian pasta. Haha. 80¢ per pack. Dad bought three packs in Jelutong on the day before I left for KL, so I can try each one :)

Taiwan muar chee. 70¢ per piece, if I remember correctly. It’s a bit hard, unlike the soft one we are used to. Taste rather bland, no match for local muar chee.

Pulut gandum! I had this at one of the stalls own by an Indian beside Gama. Mmm.. savoury!

The most expensive dish ever had in Penang. Haha. Lasagne from Pastasia, Gurney Plaza. I love the cheesyliciousness.

Pardon the lack of descriptions. I have two tests coming and I have not revised, plus I have to make a video presentation for the upcoming Christian Fellowship Camp! Ack! God, grant me 25hrs a day…




One response

4 12 2006

wow…i must bookmark yr blog..if nothing else but to whet my appetite when i miss penang food. oh gosh….some of these stuff i had forgotten it existed!

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