Sushi Melayu

9 11 2006

Location: Sri Serdang Bazar Ramadan
Price: RM 3 for grilled fish, RM 2 for lemang

The fish is grilled to perfection on the spot by the mak cik :3 All the flavours seep into the meat and it tastes fresh. Banana leaf used to wrap the fish adds extra fragrance to it. A packet of sourish chilli sauce is given and must be added to the fish for the extra kick. The lemang is the most sought after because it is the one and only at the bazar. The pak cik doesn’t even have a makeshift stall to sell his lemang. Just a simple foldable table and a gunny sack containing all his lemang in bamboo. Usually grabbed up in an hour due to the limited amount he makes and the good response from people. The lemang is fragrant and the texture is just nice. You can buy rendang from him for an additional RM2. A tad bit on the expensive side IMHO. So I ate the lemang with the grilled fish so save up some cost :P

Sushi! Malay style!




2 responses

10 11 2006

Wah.. nampak sedap.. its from Pasar Rahmadan, so this means we can’t find it anywhere since now the Rahmadan is over.. ??

15 11 2006

yer I have yet to eat lemang…think the stall at lorong kulit sudah takda lar wei…sad…

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