Finding Pau

6 12 2006

JM and I set out on another gastronomic adventure to search for *teng teng teng* Balik Pulau steam dumplings, as recommended in Malaysia Best. Hehehe!

We assumed the seller will start his business in the morning, so we made our way to pekan Balik Pulau by 10.30am. However, no sight of him. After asking some local townsfolks, we found out that he comes in a tricycle between 2 to 3 pm. Alamak. We decided to wait, and slipped into a coffee shop for drinks and chit-chat. And waited. And finally cave in for some sweet desserts :3

50¢ soy bean curd! Ok-ok for this price.

RM 1.50 for this bowl of cendol. It’s delicious.

At 3pm, we still did not see the pau man. We drove a bit further up and spotted a tricycle carrying dim sum steamers! Bingo!

We immediately made a U-turn, stopped the car by the road side and ran up to his unique mean of transport to sell pau. We were ecstatic and overridden with joy. Haha.

He’s a really patient and nice man. JM asked if he could remove the uppermost tray so she can take photos of the pau and he happily complied. No wonder people come in droves. And they usually leave with a bag full of his handmade steamed dumplings. He cycles and stops along the way to sell them. Usually when he reaches the pekan (which is about 2 minutes away from where we stopped), there won’t be much choice left.

Pretty pretty pau.

Tua pau (big pau) which is only Rm 1.80, for lunch. JM and I quickly returned to the car and had our first bites of the soft and sumptious pau.

Look at the pork meat! The big pau is filled from top to bottom, left to right, corner to corner. I prefer this over Burger King and McDonald’s now. Aside from pork, there’s also half a slice of egg in the fillings.

Can’t leave without paunapping some for dinner and breakfast tomorrow :) Mmm. Most of the regular pau cost 80¢. Definitely worth our 5 hours of waiting.

Time to catch Barcelona vs Werder Bremen with a glass of Kahlua+milk.




2 responses

6 12 2006

wah… must try it out lo.. nice…

2 12 2007

Like you, on my trip back to Pg we drove to balik pulau looking for the pau man up and down the road at around 2.30pm. He now drive a van around. So delighted to see him that we bought 4 of every fillings. The best still have to be the vegetable pau and the peanut pau. This time we asked for the name card.

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