Special Flavour Yam Rice

7 12 2006

Location: 41, Lebuh Katz, 10300 Penang. (lak-tiau-lo in Hokkien or 6th Rd.)
Phone no.: 016-4553071 / 016-4259425
Price: approx. RM 12 for 4 people

I had to ask, why the need for yam rice to have special flavour when it already has yam flavour? The special flavour refers to the gravy, which comes with the braised pork and braised chicken feet. The gravy is nothing to shout about, a bit too watery and bland to my liking.

The yam rice, however, was delicious. There were pieces of yam between the grains. I never like yam rice, but this bowl was an exception. It tasted wonderful with the gravy. Which is no surprise because they ran out of yam rice after my family placed an order.

The lean pork meat just fell apart :) That’s how tender it is.

Mom also ordered tu tor th’ng (pig intestine soup) for me, knowing that it’s the #1 reason I went with them. Needless to say, the soup completes the entire meal. It was heavenly! I couldn’t find traces of pepper powder or black pepper which is usually added. The intestine must have been cooked for long hours, because it was tender to the last bite :3~

I didn’t eat the chicken feet but from the reactions of mom and sis, it was normal. The gravy wasn’t good enough. The fried bean curd is also a must try but there was no more. There are other side dishes such as fried fish and prawn fritters.

I am looking forward to have a meal there again because the yam rice is fabulous and the price is easy on my pocket. Hehehe!

The shop open as early as 5am and close when everything sells out (usually at around 1 or 2pm).




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