15 12 2006

Dad purposely throws in tortilla wraps during grocery shopping, so mom would make this for Sunday lunch. Hehehe :>

With a tortilla base, lay as much ingredients to your heart’s desire. Cornflakes, tomato, carrot, cucumber, left over roast pork, and spread some mayonnaise, then squeeze some bbq sauce and ketchup.

Go overboard with the cheese if you love them like I do ;D *grates**grates**grates* Teeheehee.. looks like wood shavings for hamster.

Pop the folded tortilla into oven for 5 minutes. Watch and drool while it’s being done, or it’ll end up slightly burnt like mine. Greedy me stuffed too much ingredients :o

Oops, overflow!




2 responses

15 12 2006

Wah wah wah….3 min enuf d lar…..Oh yeah today went to paddington house of pancakes too makan. I ate aussie burger….I tell you ar….even the portion also follow aussie wan….2 ppl can eat until full. I ate the whole plate…full like mad. The burger was great! Hahah 1st time eat burger without the bread. They used pancake instead. Fabulous.

18 12 2006

hwahh…. it certainly looks yummylicious.. i should try doing tat! =)

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