Kek Seng Coffeeshop

18 12 2006

Lunch at one of Penang’s oldest coffeeshop after a long and exhausting walk under intense hot sun with JM, covering some of the spots of Penang Heritage Trail. Nonetheless, it was a very educational walk because we discovered interesting places rested in the nook and corners, reinforced our knowledge on Georgetown’s street names and the art exhibition at Penang Museum was truly inspiring. JM made a map of our route (awesome job… hehehe), as well as a post about fried coffee. As I have no nice comment about the food at Kek Seng Coffeeshop, read more at Lillian’s. We managed to take nice pictures though, thanks to the natural lighting provided by the seat besides the window :)

Crab-meat popiah

Price: RM 1.50

Turnips, eggs, crab meat and fried garlic wrapped in thin paper-like crepe, garnished with fresh lettuce.

One adjective – bland tasting.


Photo taken by JM.

Ais kacang with two scoops of homemade chocolate and durian ice-cream. Where’s our damn jelly that’s suppose to come together?! Oops… hehe :P

Price: RM 3.00

Okay, the ice-cream won my heart but the ais kacang was crap. We had to satisfy ourselves with another bowl of dessert after we left, the famous Teowchew cendol.




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