21 12 2006

We don’t get snow falling from the sky in this tropical country. So, I decided to make some snowballs to throw them around with sis ;D Oh, such fun!

Little balls of onde-onde, a type of malay dessert. Made of glutinous rice flour which has been added pandan juice to give green colouring and pandan fragrance, then filled with gula melaka (palm sugar) in the centre, and rolled in coconut shreds. Looks very christmassy :) I couldn’t make them taste like those bought from stalls, even though it seems very simple. I’ll just stick to buying ready made. During Ramadan, I would hastily make my way to kuih stall before hunting for my main course, point to the onde-onde and call out for RM1. You get a nice bagful of 7 biji onde-onde, each bite squirts delightfully sweet syrup into your mouth. In contrast, mine was dry as desert. Yek!

Which reminds me, tomorrow is Dongzhi! Hehehe. I love eating those cute little tangyuan 汤圆 in pandan flavoured syrup. Sis and I always roll different coloured dough together, and I particularly like to make classic football pattern. When mom sees what we did, she would nag a bit, advising us not to make dizzy looking tangyuan. But if mom permits, I’d like to try filling different stuff into tangyuan. Some of the ingredients in the fridge I could use – peanut butter, chocolates, rojak sauce, cheddar cheese, ice-cream, kaya and Oreos. Heehee… I can’t wait to carry out my harmless experiment!

My church’s having a Christmas drama presentation at Dewan Sri Pinang. The 4th sequel of The Matriarch. My family and grandparents will be heading there tonight and leave the idiot box behind.

♪ The Waitresses – Christmas Wrapping

Now I’ve got some Christmas presents wrapping to do ^_^




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