durianberry bakes: Christmas Baking

25 12 2006

Golden raisin, sunflower seeds, black sesame, cashew nuts

all goes in here

to make oatmeal bars. Mom did most of the baking, I merely observed.

Cappuccino muffin – my first ever baking success story :) I’m going to use the oven more often now! Recipe from Lazy Chef. The aroma of freshly baked muffins is heavenly!

We just hung the baby tanglung as a joke ^_^ And we baked some dough as decorations for the tree – solution to the rising cost of Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Eve dinner was delicious! No pictures to show, because I didn’t bring my camera. I thought I wouldn’t get decent shots anyway because we went for normal Chinese restaurant food. I can’t wait for pot luck dinner with family and relatives on Christmas night! Out the window goes my prudence on expanding waistline and increasing scale reading. This festive season is time to indulge on glorious foods :3~

Merry Christmas!

♪ Low – Just Like Christmas




3 responses

25 12 2006

Woa……*drool drool drool….nua everywhere* ….sedapnye…..seems like background also important when taking food shots….make the food more appealing…mwahhahahaha….

31 12 2006

incredibly beautiful shots. Did u bake them yourself? WOW!
happy new year !

10 01 2007

yes, i agree with tonixe, the pix looks great! just beautiful! makes me wanna bake too! (though i sucked big time at it :p)

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