Grilled Stingray

13 01 2007

Price: RM 5.60
Location: Oasis food court, Midvalley Megamall

Everything is working in my favour this second semester! Our one and only Friday class was brought forward to Thursday, after negotiating with the lecturer and secretly hiding this fact from the faculty admin. Hehehe. I really enjoy the topics being taught in Pertanian & Manusia class. The lecturer explained that scholars of UPM need to have the basic knowledge of agriculture, resulting in voices of complain on this subject being made compulsory. And he added that coming to class for theory alone is not sufficient, he suggested we get our butts off and do the real thing! Which is going to the farm, plant the seeds and harvest our produce. More voices of complain but I hope that comes true! German class was difficult but the prospect of learning a new language overides that and the lecturer of Tamadun Islam & Asia Tenggara is a wonderful lady, wife of a Tan Sri.

Hence, yesterday, while everyone attends classes, three of my coursemates and I went to watch Sinking of Japan. Then, we had lunch at the Oasis food court. One of them recommended the grilled stingray, which the stall seems to have the longest queue. All of us ordered the same, so as the rest of the people in line although there are many more varieties on their menu.

10 minutes later, hungry and salivating over the aroma, I had my taste of the dish which my friend cautioned is exceptionally hot. But it wasn’t. He told me it was burning hot the last time he had it. Aww… I was craving for spicyness after inhaling the aroma! Nonetheless, the thick sambal gravy together with the ladies finger was delicious. The meat was succelent and tasty. It would have made a fantastic meal if not marred by the plate of rice which comes with it. The rice was cold and lumpy. I will still return for another plate though :)




3 responses

15 01 2007

hope that your Pertanian & Manusia will include practical soon! It’s really fun.. I throughly enjoyed myself when I took agriculture for Living Skills (kemahiran hidup) in high school. we get to start frm scratch, loosening soil, planting seeds and a whole lot of blisters along the process.. but to be able to see the end result (we planted corns, okra and pak choy) was sheer joy!

16 01 2007

yer i also want…….so cool…the uni actually made it compulsary lolz….i wonder wat will happen if usm made us do it….lolz….no land for veg oso….lolz….wei save the veg for me leh!!! take pics of the process from day 1 until the end! would be awesome to see it grow. :3~~~ i hungry now pulak….aiyoh….haha my cheapest meal is RM1.70….the curry mee in tj tokong….lolz….definitely cannot believe that price for mee still exists….

16 11 2007

hi, I will be going to KL and staying in Berjaya Times Square, can you teach me how to go to midvalley megamall?

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