Uni Eats

18 01 2007

The Bad

Price: RM 2.30

First proper meal in semester 2, take-away economy rice :] Blek! Cardboard food.

The Good

Price: RM 7.90

First biggest splurge on a meal, grilled chicken with mashed potato, bland carrot and long beans topped with pepper gravy. So hot, that it left burning sensation on my tongue :P

The Queen

Price: RM 0.40/0.50?

The Queen, the Mother of university foods! I love this sambal shrimp kuih I had in USM (dunno what it’s called. Enlight me, JM?).

♪ The Good, The Bad and The Queen – 80’s Life




One response

19 01 2007

Dun worry, I am going to try that soon. Maybe tomorrow…I see u eat like so sedap…but I have yet to find that round ball thingy….maybe I should ask….”bebola yang ada nyiok kat dalam tu hari ini ada buat?” lolz…..so much for goin to Winnie Yap’s tuition for 2 years…if she sees this she will chop my head for sure!

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