Birthday in Med Faculty

24 01 2007

The bunch of boys decided to celebrate big brother Joshua’s 23rd birthday at the Med faculty. It was intended to be a surprise but as usual lar, he found out through somebody’s sms-forwarding malfunction. There were 10 of us engineering students, 1 studying HR and 1 soon-to-be-teacher cramped into 3 cars, then joined by 3 med students at the fac’s cafe.

Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe. Delicious and moist, but not the best. The layers of cream turned runny! Was it because it was left unrefrigerated? But it was only for about 1/2 hour :(

Executionist style.


Shakey’s Pizza



They were weighing between Domino’s or Shakey’s, and decided on the cheaper one. Can you see how puffy the pizza is? It’s like eating pizza bun. I couldn’t taste the cheese!

Luke, HS & L brought us tour their creepy faculty. One of those rooms on the underground floor stores two corpses. We peeped through the window pane and saw two steel cases, about 5 feet long. They told us there are human bodies in there. Hmm, makes good bacon topping for the pizza :3

This is a new faculty. The first year is the first batch to enjoy the marvelous facilities and bask in the newness of everything here. And I just remembered I have never taken pictures of my own Engineering Faculty :(

We weren’t allowed in the fac at such hours but those 3 med students were superior at avoiding the cctvs. Then, we went up to the roof top to enjoy the view and listen to gory murder stories, with hissing sounds coming from the pipes and strong winds sending chills down our spines. Wonderful night out ^_^




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