Diana in Seri Kembangan

27 01 2007

On Wednesday, my cg leader led us to this mamak famed for their roti Diana. It is located in Seri Kembangan, in the Chinese community housing estate with old type wooden houses. There’s a night market in that area every Monday night (which I shall blog about when I return for a second visit. My first visit has been fantastic!). After listening to him bragging about how good the roti Diana is, my expectation was high.

The car stopped in front of a coffeeshop. It reads Mui Lian Heong. At first, we were not sure. In front was a stall, unmistakenly run by four mamak with what looks like packets of yee mee suspended on a hanger. And then, we spotted red pineapple ornaments decorating the site. Chinese men in shorts and singlets stood in line for take-away curry. A group of old men with plates of mee goreng and nasi goreng chatting away, while a family of six was enjoying their curry rice. It was simply amusing the find this mamak stall tuck away in a Chinese community.

He did not provide us a menu in the beginning. So, we asked for his recommendation and description for each type of roti he mentioned. To our amazement, roti Michael Jackson comes topped with mata kerbau (bull’s eye!?). Our orders were taken, and we waited in great anticipation for the food to arrive.

First, roti Diana ayam and roti Diana kambing. Roti Diana ayam is roti goreng and ayam goreng wrapped in omelette. With chicken bones still intact. Geez. Taste wise, it was not up to expection. The portion was huge though.

Roti Diana kambing comes in the same form with mutton curry fillings. Definitely not up to par with jiggli kambing. It is a shame that the taste of mutton was covered by the overwhelming flavour of santan curry.

Roti Michael Jackson, fortunately came with a nicely fried eggs and not mata kerbau! It is like roti tisu with vegetables fillings and bits of chicken. We couldn’t identify the ingredients. They’ve been tossed and stir fried, mee goreng style.

Roti Michael Jackson at preparation stage.

Roti Titanic comes in triangular shape, with the same fillings as roti Michael Jackson. Only, this is wrapped in roti canai. The Titanic pictured terkoyak, as it has been devoured before I was able to take a photo ;)

We also ordered a plate of maggi goreng. Here shown Mr. Goreng (the man in charge of everything fried) in action, preparing our order, as he gleefully told me.

Finally, we were given a menu (here & here), when our food was served. I suppose all the hypes with mamak joint these days are the varieties of roti they have conjured and assigning them names that never fail to force a smile or chuckle on the patrons. Roti Jet Lee has red beans, maggi gunno is maggi konlo (dry in Cantonese), which TS figured out when we were leaving and we initially thought guano! We dare not think about roti Plaster.

Unfulfilled, we placed another order of roti nestum after scanning the menu. Everyone felt as though munching on breakfast.

Then, we tar pao yee mee goreng for a friend. As curiosity overtook us, we pried open the foam box to peek at the product of the mamak-ed noodle. Oh, the aroma was heaven! The wonder of living in such rojak country.Overall, the food is nothing extraordinary as proclaimed by my dear leader. He needs a reality taste check man.

Price: RM 24 for 6 people
Location: The name of the stall is Roshida but it is not displayed. We affectionately call it Diana. It is at one of the corners when turn in from along Jln Besar in Seri Kembangan. Opposite is brightly lit Restaurant 33.




2 responses

27 01 2007

v interesting names, tho u say tastes dun match, hahaha
sometimes they do forget bout the real thing !

lucky they din call one roti xiaxue

2 02 2007

lolz….hahaha come penang and consult the grandmaster~ kakakaka….

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