Birthday Wish & pre-CNY Syndrome

30 01 2007

First and foremost, Happy HAPPY happY Birthday JM! My buddy who influenced me to enjoy food and one and only person who would adventure with me on gastronomical journeys. Harhar :P Thanks for your friendship all these years. Being separated actually makes me cherish our friendship more :]

It is around this time of the month that mom and I would shop for new clothes. We would start receiving mandarin oranges from relatives, festive cookies from friends and the unmistakable ‘tong tong chang‘ tv commercials greet our tv set. This year is entirely different for me. Not much pre-CNY celebrations is going on at the campus. The upcoming Pesta Ang Pow will only be held in March and Valentine’s Day seems to be more hype than Chinese New Year. Haih~

I can slightly feel the gong hey fatt choy atmosphere, many thanks to my roomie who brought me some mandarin oranges. And to my coursemate who ripped ‘tong tong chang’ songs for my listening. Hehehe. I can’t wait to be back home for Chinese New Year! n.n (and try baking my own festive cookies for the first time)




One response

2 02 2007

wowo they certainly look juicy~ ….hahaha…Hey I am so touched by ur lil speech above…lolz…u sure? One and only ar? hehe yeah I too cherished our friendship more….haih…its like that wan lar….we always takes things for granted and in the end takda d baru regret….This is wat I learn recently….another thing d not the crap….cant wait for u guys to come back! Hehehe I can’t believe I am sitting opp one of the coolest senior in Art school. hehehe….not leng chai but he certainly has the air : ) today didn’t hang out with the gang and I made (actually kenal but not very lar) a new senior friend. I realise i have better luck when not ard with them…maybe too much -ve energy looming ard them d…lolz….

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