Good Curry, Good New Tender

3 02 2007

I was awoken at an unusual hour today. Be damned with the insects lurking in every dark nooks and corners! My arms are now dotted with continent-shaped marks. I couldn’t go back to sleep because the itchiness was disturbing. I took a brisk walk to my faculty at 7.15am to online, enjoy the western-y cool weather and the nice view at the break of dawn. I started wondering about the low temperature lately although it hasn’t been raining for the past one week. My mind’s been tempered ever since I began reading Michael Crichton’s State of Fear which argues with the legitimacy of data obtained to measure global warming and indirect involvement of some industries in manipulating this crisis to benifit from it. It is just a fictional story of course, but I can’t help being paranoid around the issue of global warming at this moment ;)

Location: K11 Cafe
Price: RM 3.00

Lunch yesterday. Loads of greeny long beans stir fried with bits of eggs and carrot, and a drumstick cooked in herbalicious curry (thank God for the new mamak tender at our cafe who serves good Indian curry).




2 responses

3 02 2007

dats a lot of vege and meat 4 3 bucks !

4 02 2007

oh can I skip the drumstick and have rice,veg with kuah onli? hahaha

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