Petaling Street

11 02 2007

Yesterday, I had a bloody scare of my life! Throw me in an island with only banana for every meal, or make me eat coagulated cardbox food. Anything! But not what I had experience! I woke up 45 minutes to my exam ;o The moment I opened my eyes and I saw sunlight, I freaked out like shit. I was supposed to be up at 6am to continue with my revision. I cramped in a few more pages while changing, skipped my morning hygiene routine *ahem* and slipped into the packed bus. Oh my God, Hallelujah I made it.

Anyway, after close-eyes-and-shoot TITAS exam, KN and I made our way to Pudu bus terminal in hope that we can exchange our bus ticket for earlier time. The clerk says TAK BOLEH. We TAK NAK give in. But it was rather pointless to argue because she couldn’t do anything. However, we were told we might be able to get seats if we standby at the time we wanted. I’m praying hard we’d be able to board an earlier bus than the designated 9.30pm :]

Then, we walked to Petaling Street for lunch. Ordered beef noodle (ngau lam meen) at Lai Foong because Shin Kee Beef Noodle Specialist, which is opposite was already full. I just love the flavour of the beef which is still noticeable. I rarely have the chance to eat beef noodle, so I can’t make a comparison. The ingredients are a bit on the stingy side, with only three small slices of tripe and beef, two beefballs, some spring onions and salty preserved vegetable.

Beef noodle

At Lai Foong, how can one not try Tong Kee’s egg tart! It crumbles in my mouth and the sweetness of the curd is perfectly balanced. I’m still thinking of it as I write :3~ I wish it was made on the spot though, so I can eat it hot.

Egg tart Lai Foong

Assorted cakes and baked goodies on sale. I bought some of the pineapple tarts there (pictured in the red-capped container), RM4 for 10 pieces. I hope they will make their way to Penang before my eager mouth bite on them :P

Inside Petaling Street, we spotted flavoured muar chee on sale. It has Ribena, pandan, mango, etc. It was very colourful and ingeniously attractive! Our hearts were captured and had a box for RM3. The lady vendor has been selling ‘mix ma chi’ for 50 years, proudly announcing her successful business on an article placed there.

Ma chi stall

She let us try a big piece of ma chi. I took a bite, and she teased me not to be gentle. “Pop the whole thing in. Does it stick to your teeth?” *shakes head* Wow, I’m amazed. Very different indeed from the muar chee we are used to. It is like eating candy snacks, coated in grounded peanuts instead of sugar.

Ma chi

Petaling Street

Who is this ah? We came across some crews from NT7, filming lap cheong. Keke.

Siew pow

This is a shop beside the famous dried meat shop with a chicken in boxing gloves logo (Kiew Brothers). I was fascinated by the vast arrangement of Chinese pastry here. There were so many choices, we had a hard time choosing what we wanted. If not because we were already bloated, we may impulsively buy each of everything there :P

Our indecision leads to the grumpy old lady seller telling into our face in Cantonese, “Is that all? I’ve been waiting very long”. Um, excuse me, wtf? It’s not like her shop is doing brisk business. In fact, her shop was EMPTY, us being the only customers. Please lar, just a take a look to your left, and a long queue of customers are in line to buy bak kua. Her expression was twisted with agony, and her long face looks more ham (salty in Canto) than her salted egg pastry. I’d never be back!

McD siew pow

Finally, we walked from Petaling Street to Sg Wang ;) to burn out the excess calories. Ate the siew pow and lotus seed bun at McD with a regular Coke. Anything churns out from a sulky old lady will never taste good no matter how good it is.

That aside, it was intresting to walk about in Petaling Street when Chinese New Year is near, food being the main attraction.




3 responses

12 02 2007

wuah……syok nye…..i want!!! very nice walking places like this when CNY is ard the corner. Just like wat i did many years ago in Spore….hahaha i want “kai tan kou” also!!! aiyoh everything so sedap how? I also lau nuaing here….

16 02 2007

I was there too enjoying da fresh porridge but had to fight to get seat! Tried the siew yoke too but their hands very tricky give me lots of fat but showed me all leans !

13 12 2007

How long is the walk from Petaling St to Sungei Wang?

We’re a bunch of travellers planning to stay in a hotel near Petaling St, and trying to guage our distance around the place :)

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