Steamboat Reunion

17 02 2007

Chinese New Year is yet another excuse to indulge in food after Christmas. I’ve been hankering on cookies and festive baked goodies for weeks! And finally, with God’s boundless favour, I was able to exchange my bus ticket to return earlier than scheduled. KN and I had been praying, and we knew His blessing was upon us when we were able to grab two seats 10 minutes prior to departure ^_^ At 11am, we were already on the way home!

The minute I reach home, mom tore open a few cookie tins with kuih kapek, floss meat mini spring rolls, and loads of cookies! It was a sheer moment of joy at the sight of so much food :3

This morning when I woke up, sis’s friend’s mom had brought over some moist chocolate cake. It was so good I couldn’t stop eating. The balance between the sweetness and bitterness is perfect. The cake is wonderfully soft too. Yummy! More for tomorrow morning.

Moist Chocolate cake

Dad, mom, sis and I had our reunion steamboat dinner today because grandpa is cooking on the eve of CNY. We have been eating out at restaurant for family & relatives reunion dinner this past few years but grandpa decides to hit the kitchen again this time around. I was so very elated to hear that from mom when she came to pick me up from the bus terminal, because homecooked is the best!

Steamboat ingredients which mom bought…


Scallops and cuttlefish, and needle mushrooms in the background.




Something different for this year… salmon! I was eating them raw, until mom called me to dip them into the boiling broth to kill bacteria, just in case ;) Yummy with the soy sauce.


Can’t do steamboat without these. Those star shaped fish balls are darn cute!


Unfortunately, they have a deceiving cute look. It’s like eating something artificial that tastes awful. My sis thinks they are wearing mascara.


My big bowl :P There were more ingredients not in the photos, such as different mushroom types and meatballs. The broth is simply pig’s tripe simmered with peppercorn for a few hours.

Aah… I was bloated after the second round. More CNY celebration food in these few coming days!





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16 04 2008


what a lovely spread you’ve got there!

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