CNY Eve: Reunion Dinner

24 02 2007

Reunion dinner at grandpa’s house on the eve of CNY. We have not done this for a few years. Previous years reunion had been spent at various restaurants. I would choose to have a proper, home-prepared meal for reunion over anything. I guess I just love the atmosphere – the busy preparation process in the kitchen, the noise eliciting from my cousins and the non-stop clatter among my aunts and uncles.

Sea cucumber

Braised sea cucumber with brocolli, mushroom, holland pea, and carrot.


Whole duck in gravy, bought for RM24 .


Sweet and sour prawns.

White pomfret

Steamed white pomfret.


Kampung chicken.


Sambal asparagus. I had the most helping of this because

  1. everyone was avoiding spicy food.
  2. most of my family members don’t eat asparagus.
  3. I love asparagus ^_^ Ohoh


Fatt Choy (properity) soup.


Serves with brown rice. Grandpa’s healthy alternative :)

It was a fantastic evening, to gather with the entire family. As for the dishes, everything was sumptious to the last bit…




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