Jolly My Way Back

25 02 2007

Jolly shandy

I tell myself, be Jolly like your can of Shandy, as I dread the day having to return to that 4×4 walls. 1 week passed by in a blink of an eye and I find myself packing to return to KL once again *sigh* Mom shoved plenty of unwanted food items to bring back, and luckily I was smart enough to have stashed an extra bag (the food bag) into the backpack I came home with.

I’d be going back with a heart tinged with bits of regrets. First, I had a list of cookies to bake but never got around to do it. Sorry ler, JM. I lost my mood to bake. Afterall, there’s already so much food before my eyes. Secondly, I have an uphill task to shed all the weight I gained from the festive indulgence. Finally, I have yet to finish up my lab report ;o

Man Utd is winning! :) Love it, love it! I slept for as little as 4hrs to watch the controversial match against Lille. Definitely turned me into a zombie the next day (I’d never try this for a second). I watched another great game just now, as MU beat Fulham at the 88th minute through Ronaldo’s superb lone run.





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25 02 2007

haiyoh….nvm lar….i have tons of work to do also….the CD label assignment turned out pretty well….it was chaotic to print all that especiay the CD label….*grumble grumble*…..lolz I m breaking every restrictions the stupid lec imposed on us….well a lil….dun have much time to care also….I just did a bit of flash….loads of work….all stacked up and dun get to rest….T_T….have been too playful….i indulge a lot also lately…….haih….dunno how the hell i gonna chop off the few kilos i gain….yeah ‘chop’…shave is too boh lat d….fri went out for thai style ju char and free lagsana from daves deli (heheh they messed up), had coke and fries, coffee, oat cookie, cake…gosh….today pula bak kut teh….kenot d must start my vege diet again…lolz….can save money at the same time…..hey u come back also dun have chance to see u…..only the miserable 2 times…put up the frog poster d. Kenot match green wall so put it near my green board area. Lolz……..wat i going to do with the bleach posters….din noe u like asparagus!!!!….I eat also but fav is cabbage..hahahah cooked until nua in soup to raw coleslaw….yum…ok now i gotta find ‘morning’ sound’…

25 02 2007

good 4 u another football fan ! nex time try stout ginseng da day after ok.

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