CNY Day 1

2 03 2007


Pacific clam

I never fail to drive mom into making this dish on CNY. Hehehe :3 The gravy is exceptionally sweet with all the combination of assorted mushrooms, shrimps and pacific clams, and a dash of chinese wine.

Duck drumstick

I got the duck drumstick!

Dinner at Grandpa’s house; after visiting relatives and pocketed stacks of red packets :)


Squids cooked with boiled arrowheads and button mushrooms.

Mixed veg

Mixed vegetables


I rarely touch this plate. I ate mostly the lap cheong (meat sausage), which is unsually fragant. I prefer arrowheads to be eaten as the snack, while the preserved duck (lap ngap) is too salty and meatless.

Steamed fish

Steamed fish (I forgot what fish), in the same style as CNY eve.

Herbal soup

I kept scooping bowls after bowls of this herbal soup; ‘cos I knew I’d never have chance to drink when I return to uni :P

More CNY food posts to come, because I ate a lot and shot a lot of photos… XD




One response

2 03 2007

woa woa not bad! CNY Day 1 din cook….but today mom prepared dishes dat she would for the auspicious day…lolz….so watch our for my post…Bao Yu coming up!

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