CNY Day 2 Breakfast

6 03 2007

CNY cookies for breakfast. Yummy ^_^

Meat floss mini roll

Mini meat floss rolls, painstakingly wrapped by mom for me cos I love eating this! That was how much left in the container after two days. Keke :3

CNY cookies

Clockwise: Honeycomb cookie, pineapple tart, cornflakes butter cookie and kuih kapit.

The cornflakes butter cookies was given by a friend, which was baked by her mom. It’s crunchy on the outside, crumbly on the inside. Amazingly, it does not leave a dry sensation in your throat after eating (even with all those dry ingredients especially cornflakes). And it melts in your mouth, not your hand :]

Tong Kee pineapple tart

The pineapple tart I bought from Tong Kee branch at Lai Foong. JM said it smothers her finger with buttery aroma. Hehe. But I still find selfmade pineapple tarts taste better. The filling and the crust of Tong Kee’s contrast too much, a bit too sweet on the inside and slightly salty on the outside. I dunno. It doesn’t make me yearn for another after having one.




2 responses

6 03 2007

Oh man!!!! I should have gone to ur house for new year!!!! Hey din know u like floss rolls also……My mom would painstakingly fork out money from her pocket and buy from the aunty downstairs….lolz….yupz dunno which floor d….Heh….its nice ar….homemade tak cukup besar….lolz….

7 03 2007

hello… i wish you all the best! see you again in may. this cny outing so x jadi.but you sure enjoy with your family with all the scrumptious food. must make sure next outing is a successful wan ! hehe. all the best there ya!

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