Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee

23 03 2007

Been busy revising for tests. Tests are the ultimate time-sucker. I’ve wanted to write about CNY foods but… hehe, guess I’m bored with those posts already. So, since I’ll be staying over at my uncle’s place tomorrow and have the chance to explore KL city again, I’ll write about the famous pan mee off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, KL.

JM, the pan mee I rave so much about…


Hot delicious dried chilli in oil. The pan mee won’t blow your mind off without this special ingredient :3

Pan mee

Eating the pan mee just as it is, I could taste that the noodle is very flavourful. The egg is a nice addition :) Throw in a scoop of chilli, whua… the best damn bowl of pan mee! There are more reviews here:

Eating Asia
KY Eats
Eat First Think Later
The Malaysian Food Review
Wantan Productions




3 responses

23 03 2007

Yikes! I have been thinking and asking dad about the pan mee. Quite hard to imagine how it looks like. Now you post it d….lolz….Hey near Sg. Dua got one shop sell noodles like this style wan. Konlo with noodles similar to the one u featured and minced pork. Not bad. then got pok pok chui….lolz….refering to their ‘fu pei’. I think they fried it at first then reheat in the small oven toaster when got ppl order. They also sell yong tau foo. And have a few type of home brewed herbal drinks and tong sui. Hahaha *lau nua looking at the pic* looks nice but quite small bowl wor….u keep fit ar?

28 03 2007

Gosh, that’s really a nice shot on the chilli!

31 05 2008

Hi webmaster!

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