KL Stroll: Day 2

4 04 2007

25 March, Sunday – All the walking the day before exhaust me! After 10 hours of recharging, I was ready to explore other hidden food gems in KL. In the morning, I was dragged by ku por (grandpa’s sister, mom’s side) to a nearby morning market for breakfast. She ordered her usual for me to try, curry chee cheong fan and a bowl of black sesame tong sui. I was very fortunate to have the very last ladle of that savoury soup! It usually finishes before 10am. I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t want to draw too many questions from her and her neighbour aunties sitted at the same table :P The chee cheong fun was pretty good, but falls short of the one at Sri Serdang (will blog about that one, promise!). It was the first time I ever tasted black sesame tong sui and the first mouthful was blissfully delicious :D Subsequently, I find that it starts to get slightly sourish to taste, which is probably why it comes in small bowl.

After waving goodbye to ku por, I walked to Weng Hing coffeeshop at Jln Imbi again. I was too stubborn to give up on the the mini egg tart ;) As I approach the place, there was a crowd surrounding a tiny stall with almost empty trays. I peeked through the gap between two aunties and I saw with my own eyes how small they were! I contemplated whether to buy the egg tarts because I like to bite on soft creamy egg custard. This just isn’t right! Since I was already there and keeping in mind that it was a long walk from Hang Tuah to Imbi, I waited while the lady packs 50 mini egg tarts for a customer. Just as her supply runs low, her husband brought out a tray of freshly baked egg tarts. Then she deftly handled the tin holder to remove the tart into a styrofoam with triangular cuts cover (opening for steam to be released so that the crust doesn’t turn soft I presume). The tart’s crust is very flaky, like those western pastry puffs. The whole thing broke into pieces when I took a bite. So, for the second piece, I pop the whole thing into my mouth. Haha. The egg custard filling was too little! I can’t say that I like it. The best is still Tong Kee‘s IMHO.

Mini egg tarts

Siew pao

Inside the coffeeshop, her husband works at a slower pace, popping in one tray at a time into the oven. I stared longingly at the siew pao but they weren’t ready yet!

Location: At the corner of Weng Hing coffeeshop, Jln Imbi
Price: RM0.50 per egg tart

See Kee currypuff

Just across the road, one stall caught my wondering eyes. See Kee’s currypuff which is featured in Flavours magazine food guide booklet. I bought the mutton currypuff and kaya puff to be eaten when I return to uni.


The currypuff is absolutely good value for money. The crust is crispy thin, which means the potato and mutton fillings are generous in portion. Each bite is a slight crunch followed by the sinking of your teeth into the thick soft fillings. Aah, yummy! The friendly uncle also sells egg tart and assorted buns and bread. I would definitely buy from him again.

Location: Across Weng Hing coffeeshop, Jln Jati
Price: RM1.30 for mutton currypuff, RM1.10 for kaya puff

Toast bun

My exploration continues to the Imbi morning market. There were stalls selling chee cheong fun, pork porridge, prawn mee and many more. But the reason I went there was for the Hainan coffee and roti kahwin. It was already almost noon when I reach there yet the place was packed with young and old people having brunch or late breakfast. I was so glad the shop was still open. I ordered iced Hainan coffee, and a set of toast bun with soft boiled eggs. I asked for min bao instead of roti, which I only realize the difference when my order came! Haha. Most of the people have toast bun on their tables though. My order took long enough to come, as their business was insanely brisk. The workers walk in and out from the shop so frequent that I almost go dizzy. I had to share the table with a sulky elderly couple. The wife kept complaining about the slow service while the husband just grunts in agreement as he reads the newspaper. Entertains me while waiting ;D The soft bun with a slightly crunchy layer and a spread of kaya and a slab of cold butter in between is wonderfully delicious, I wanted to eat 10! But I’ve already eaten half a day’s meal that time… hehe. The eggs must be timed and removed from the water bath after 4 minutes. I have to come with an empty stomach next time! The coffee was too bitter to my liking. I wonder if they serve something like the Xi Mut coffee from Old Town Cafe, sweet and milky to taste.

Location: Imbi market
Price: RM4.00 for Hainan coffee, two toasts and two soft-boiled eggs

Pudu Plaza

The next destination was Jln Pudu after some calories burning at Times Square. I was ecstatic when I found this shop in Pudu Plaza. A shop devoted entirely to selling non-genuine football merchandise. The whole shelf here is the Man Utd row. I wanted to buy the jersey shaped cushion emblazoned with C. Ronaldo but I was already broke from my eating spree :(

Rojak stall

Just outside Pudu Plaza are a ban chang kueh van, mamak makeshift stalls, lok lok cart and this motorbike-attached rojak cart. Customers were lining up to buy from him. Curious, I joined in the queue. Order can be made for small RM3, right up to big RM5. To kar liu, add RM1. After he mixes all the ingredients, he wraps them in a conical banana leaf packet. When it came to my turn and the lady in front of me, he shoved a plastic bag to each of us to put in the packet ourselves. WTF? O_o But it is to be expected of street vendors, since we don’t pay tips :/


The rojak wasn’t nice at all except for the one miserable piece of crisps with dried shrimp. Having had Penang rojak where all the fruit cuts and vege slices are all muddled up in slightly hot and stinky prawn paste then sprinkled with grounded peanuts, the black sauce used in this is mild and sweet. There is definitely an absence of belacan in this version.

Location: In front of Pudu Plaza
Price: RM3.00

I had a good time locating eating spots around KL with the guide of local foodies’ blogs. This is bound to be my new past time! Keke :3




5 responses

4 04 2007

Yo, thanks a lot for the tips above! Now I know where to get nice curry puffs when I’m in KL on June ;)

5 04 2007

the mutton puff is yummy, and yes, for RM1.30, great value for money. was told that it’s famous, been selling for decades…fantastic that you found the place :)

5 04 2007

wuah…hahaha :3~~~ yumyum…..cant wait to join u in KL…haiyoh Ur Canto kenot meh? Hahaha me puah tang zhui only wor….waiting u to be free and arrange for the holiday….Kekekeke

6 04 2007

ipohwav3 – Yup, try it! And it is the 1st time I come across Chinese vendor selling currypuff with mutton fillings.

sc – I didn’t know it has been there for that long. Thx for the little info! :)

Jian – I puah tang zhui pun tak sampai! Ur Canto ability is so required here! Cepat mai and scour every nook & corner together for finger-licking-worthy food :P

19 04 2009

I love those curry puffs, can pls tell how to get to this Imbi market and Weng Heng coffee shop? I stayed at Dorsett Reg before and an uncle took us to buy those delicious curry puffs. Am going to KL end of May. Would like to go back there to buy some.

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