Trunk Road: Tanjung Malim – Bidor – Bagan Datoh

6 04 2007

I have to get this off my chest. I know that Landscape students and my roommate who takes Architecture are a bunch of busy people with unending assignments. But stop reiterating that our homeworks are easy and we have too much time to ourselves! It’s a bit unfair when what they see is only on the surface. They have no idea the struggles we go through in electronic lab. The hours we crack our head figuring the algorithm and coding for programming. Our work of course gets increasingly complicated with each semester. We are just going to end up like them in second and third year, ok!

Last Saturday, 31 March… my overzealous group members in Pertanian & Manusia drove to a farm in Bagan Datoh to do filming for our assignment. The assignment is New Research in Biofuel from Nipah Palm. One of my group member’s father is involved in the project and has direct contact with the proprietor of this farm.

Biofuel project banner


Driving along this tranquil scenic stretch, we came to this stall run by Mr Azmi and his wife, Mrs Norsidah. Behind this stall, is where their small scale farm located! :)

Nyra fruit #1

The fruit of the nipah palm. It’s very pretty! The photo that comes out from my camera doesn’t do its justice.

Nyra fruit #2

This is the ripen fruit. I tried to carry it but it’s like weighing a tonne!

Nyra palm #3

After the fruit has been removed and inflorescence of the nipah palm is cut, the stalk is tied in such a way to draw air nira.

Nyra palm #1

Mr Azmi explains that air nira is usually collected twice a day, in the morning and afternoon. If it is done in the evening, the sap obtained will be sour. He asked if anyone was wearing perfume or anything that exude a fragrant smell, because they have a taboo that the air nira will not drip in the presence of aromatic molecules :o

Nyra palm #2

Attaching a plastic bag to collect air nira.

Air nira

Refreshing air nira served for us! It is supremely sweet, even after I’ve topped the glass with ice cubes. And it is claimed to be able to cure diabetes, besides having cooling effects like coconut water. Unlike coconut water, air nira tastes thick and flavourful (or could be pungent to some people). After 2 to 3 hours being extracted, fermentation process turns air nira into toddy nira with a sourish taste that hits you at the first drink. It is also made into vinegar which they sell for RM2.50 per 500ml and salt.


Banana and sweet potato fritters. Yummy! Mrs Norsidah said that she sometimes uses air nira in her fritters. The hospitality provided by this couple is wonderful and they are very friendly.


Our crew, pretending to interview the owner. Keke.


Darth Tater – he hacks bushes in the day, villains at night.

Chop and Steak

It was really fun spending the day with them. A hilarious and crazy bunch. As the night inch closer, we decided to drive by Bukit Bintang on the way back to experience dazzling KL lights ^_^ Before that, we stopped by Kampung Baru at Chop & Steak for dinner (sorry, no pics of the food :P). I remember the place being featured in Jalan Jalan Cari Makan before. They serve big portions of Western food at cheap prices and also noodles and pasta. The place is mostly frequented by Malays. I had the Cordon Bleu Chicken which was written as Gordon in the menu. Haha, I’m not sure if it was intentional. The food is quite delicious and the service is fast despite being full house. I have to the try their steak sometime, which is served in sizzling hotplate. Each time the waiter walks by with it, the aroma makes my mouth water! There is a branch in Sri Serdang, 5 minutes walk from my dorm but I never try it though!




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7 04 2007

wah so near ar? hahaha woah i wanna go try air nira!! The keropok ikan we ate is fried 1st then dip in air nira i think. Cuz sticky outside mar….from ur pics, can see they collect the saps professionally. Not like the ones in TV =__=….got impurities in it….gosh my chem terms are fading….took me mins to figure out the word. Anyway, they collected the saps openly. Not like urs, at least the uncle in the pic uses platic bag and tie it tightly.

The nasi goreng very easy to char nia…hahaha u char for me lar…hohoho…weh wait for u to come back and bake lar….

7 04 2007

Wah… first time to see a pokok nipah! The water can just drink like that??

8 04 2007

That must be a great outdoor trip ! In fact that is the first time I really confirm what is this white drink. Now I know. Don’t they look just like toddy !

but of course without da high sting !

12 04 2007

Jian – The first thing I wanna whip up when I return to PG is nasi goreng kerabu! Haha. Cuz you made it so easy to prepare from the steps shown :D

ipohwav3 – It was my first time also! Got pass by before on the way to Pangkor, but never knew ;) The air nira needs to be filtered before being sold. If you request (we did!), he let us drink the freshly collected one. It’s very very sweet to drink like that!

toxine – Yeah it was! New things to see and learn

25 09 2007

its a good write up.wondering where can i get this mr azmi address or contc number.tqvm

17 11 2008

how to contact u?
can u give me you address & phone no?

5 10 2009
Zul Hasni

Assalamualaikom ..Saya sangat berminat nak belajar bagaimana nak menghasilkan nira nipah..mudah2han ada cikgu yang sudi mengajar.

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