Seri Kembangan morning market to Wai Sek Kai

12 04 2007

Last Sunday, I dropped by Seri Kembangan morning market. I was on the way to pick up comfort food from Penang, which my uncle brought ^_^ My favourite mung bean karipap (no curry inside but shaped like currypuff with very crunchy skin) and beh teh saw :3

The market was huge! I need to get used to the bigger scale of everything in KL. Hehe. Some of the foods sold here are never seen back in hometown. I didn’t manage to take many photos as I had to dodge from bumping into people. I saw a ham chim peng like kuih, instead of deep fried, it is steamed. Nasi lemak kukus sold by a Chinese lady, where the fragrant rice is kept warm in a wooden bucket. I must try it, one of the days this week!

Phoenix's claw

So special! Phoenix’s claw, already cleaned and boiled in some dark sauce. And fried beancurd skin, some with stuffing. Yummy! I realise, fu pei can be found everywhere in KL ;)

Seri Kembangan market

Fishballs, meatballs, crabballs, and more fu pei. I want to eat some steamboat! Maybe I will buy a rice cooker next semester and enjoy it in the dorm. Haha. Jian, I get to stay in hostel in year 2 too, thank God :)

Steamed cake

With only a few days away from Qing Ming, there were many makeshift stalls selling this distinctive pink steamed cakes (fatt koh). They look very pretty and fluffy. Are they edible or solely for prayer purpose? Hehe, paiseh… I’m not very informed about Chinese culture.

Dough kneading

The reason I love this market – plenty of fresh handmade foods. The lady is rolling and kneading the dough before deep frying it to make crispy yau char kwai.

Lor mai chee

I was absolutely captivated by this lor mai chee. I cannot believe how cottony soft it was when I took the first bite! The reason was because it was freshly made on order. The man scoops up the steamed glutinous rice dough from a container like how it is done for tau fu fah. His wife proceeds to wrap grounded peanut in.

Black sesame soup

Torrendous rain poured down the moment I reach Hang Tuah. So I walked to the market to take cover before heading to ku por‘s home. I had the black sesame tong sui again. Ooh… exceptionally delicious on rainy day! This time, I took a picture. Due to bad lighting, it somehow turns out like a lomo photo.

Dan cha

I went to Wai Sek Kai at Jalan Sayur, Pudu. The steamed egg custard has sold out! *cries* I had dan cha (tea egg) instead. The soup is quite good, as it is not bitter. Slightly sweet in fact. I enjoyed the egg a lot (love eggs! n_n

Chee cheong fun stall

Chee cheong fun stack

A few more stalls open up after I licked the bowl clean. I past this stall with a stack of chee cheong fun and curiousity had the better of me. I asked for 1 small chee cheong fun with tim cheong (sweet sauce). You can have it with curry and yong tau foo as well, but the pot of curry has slices of fried beancurd with bubbly pork skin floating around. Not very appealing.

Chee cheong fun side

I intentionally took a seat beside this beautiful view! I located no shops nor stalls selling buns, but this man is sweating out in front the antique fan kneading dough. I wanted to ask but then, suddenly this cranky man pushed away my stuff on the table and plopped down my plate of chee cheong fun O_o

Chee cheong fun

My uplifted spirit was reduced by half. At least the chee cheong fun in front of me looks good to eat. Unrolled rice dough chopped into the shape of koey teow, doused with tim cheong and garnished with lots of sesame before topping it with crispy dried shrimps. Simple yet effectively caused me to salivate. The chee cheong fun was tasty; soft and crunchy textures compliment well. Though, I would prefer it served warm. So yeah, no more open air chee cheong fun next time! Except one last try for this chee cheong fun roll stuffed with ingredients which I only spotted when I was paying. Jian — this will be part of our makan mission.




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12 04 2007

Wah banyaknye our makan mission.

Ahem…1st, the fatt koh is definitely used for prayers but after that some ppl take home makan or some just throw it away due to their personal reasons lar.

Oh i want the lo mai chee! Black sesame tong sui in Jalan HT? Wohoho, Selina have been hunting for a stall selling black sesame tong sui for ages! must tell her d.

The aunty seems pretty skillful. The chee cheong fun strips are so thin!

Seems like you kumpul, 2 sems worth of food and cram everything in our 6 days trip…lolz…must diet to make up space for it d….lolz….exercise banyak to increase metabolisme so = eat even more…..mwahahaha

the steam cake cute ar? Quite big wan wor…instead of 8 i made 6.lolz…superbly easy to make. Chuck everything into bowl and kacau nia. can add anything you want cuz it has no smell wan. Hahaha…We can make if you want : )

12 04 2007
jason aka ipohwav3

Gosh, I love freshly fried fu pei a lot! Dunk them into curry noodles.. fuhh.. I’ll be happy as a pig! LOL

12 04 2007

I prefer to eat the freshly fried fu pei as it is…hahah…

20 04 2007

love your pictures! always looks so good :)

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