KL Gastro Adventure: Day 1 – Meet up with Jian

8 05 2007

Jian and I, with too much time to waste, decided on an Amazing Makan Race from 27 April – 4 May ;D Our gastronomic adventure covers some good find in KL, some bad ones and thanks to Jason, a delicious outing in Ipoh :3

I came back with a bigger tummy, heavier load and unsubsided appetite. Keke.

Jian was due to arrive at 2pm. My friend was going back to Penang that day, so I had the chance to ride along with them to Plaza Rakyat station. From there, I went on my own to dig out yummy food stalls within Chinatown.

Siew pao #1 stall

Along Jln Sultan is this stall selling a variety of chinese pastries. I was tempted by the beautiful (and hygienic) display of baked goodies.

Siew pao #1

Bought a siew pao for RM 1.40. So expensive ler. And it is only golf ball size. The filling is ok, substantial amount of pork meat and the sweetness of the sauce is just right. Still hungry.

Siew pao #2

And then, I found this gem being sold at yet another chinese pastry stall just beside the famous air mata kucing in Petaling Street. It is slightly bigger than the size of a tennis ball and it costs only RM1.40. It is filled to the brim with lots of lotus nuts. It gives a slightly different texture than the usual siew pao when you bite on it… plenty of crunch. It’s too dry though and I can hardly taste the pork meat. But it’s definitely a full meal!

After uniting with my race partner, we went for some cultural tour at the National Museum. It’s a disgrace that we’ve never been there before. Every trip to KL is just shop and eat. We decided to make this trip a learning experience as well :P Entrance is RM2 for adult.


We believe this is what happens to putu mayam when the vendor didn’t give full concentration in the process of making it. Aiyoyo, a heap of tangled up strings. What a mess.

Horse rider

Minangkabau horse rider arr… be my knight in shiny armour. Rescue me to the land of food! The National Muzeum definitely bore me to hunger ;)




2 responses

8 05 2007
jason aka ipohwav3

Eh, siew pow with lotus nuts? How does it tastes like?

8 05 2007

ahahaha! Good one! was planning to start with some shots from the bus….hahaha….

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