KL Gastro Adventure: Day 1 – Chinatown Night Out

9 05 2007

At night, our stomach lead us back to Chinatown for dinner. We went in search for the much acclaimed Seng Kee claypot loh shue fun. For the sake of trying good food, we looked for the shop from one end to another end, and perhaps unconsciously rounded Petaling Street area a few times already ^_^; Only foodies like us where the tummy rules over the brain… would search for a particular shop for an hour!

After asking around and with the presence of lady luck, we found Seng Kee located along a rather dark street where the people are quite scant. We ordered for two persons and this was served. Wah, so huge!

Claypot loh shue fun

Loh shue fun, cooked in the claypot with some dark sauce and topped with a good amount of minced pork meat, scallions and a crack of egg. Yummy to a hungry stomach but we realise that it wasn’t as delicious as we expected. It is too normal in fact, like the usual dried loh shue fun you can order at coffeeshops. Taste wise, I find it a bit too bland… not flavourful enough to my liking.

Claypot sunny

The raw egg looks pretty though. A point for that :P Mix and fold in the egg for a smoother gravy. RM12 for a pot.

Portuguese grill stall

A few more steps down the road, we chance upon Hong Kee! Staying true to a foodie’s nature, we had to try yet another famous stall along Jalan Sultan. After all, dinner is followed by supper mar :P

Portuguese grill start

We ordered the Portuguese grill – stingray encased in an aluminium pouch and grilled over charcoal fire. The fish is fresh and the spicyness is just perfect. But it’s a little too spicy for Jian. Keke. The okra is so good eaten with the hot sambal.

Portuguese grill finish

Finish! Clean to the bone too n_n RM10 for a better version of perfetto wrap.

Any ideas for Mother’s Day gift? Bake or cook for mommy? Bring mommy out for mum-mum?

Day 1 Part 1




2 responses

9 05 2007
jason aka ipohwav3

Omigawd!!! Although you said it’s normal, but the loh shue fan look fantastic! So does the grill fish…. *drooollll*

10 05 2007

oh i ady exchange credit card points for RM50 dome voucher…hahaha…bring mom there to makan free :P she happy i oso happy…lolz

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