Happy Mother’s Day!

13 05 2007

Mom always say that I am extremely picky with my foods when I was young. And still does until now when it involves chinese dishes. What to do.. like mother, like daughter lor. Mom is so picky with cakes! She only eats butter cake and cheesecake.

Mother's Day #1

So, a cheesecake it is for dearest mommy this special day. And I am going to bake! It’s cheap, and it’s a labour of love :P I searched high and low for the least expensive block of Philadelphia cheese cream in Penang. Then I found it at Gama for RM7.70! Hoho n_n

Mother's Day #2

The recipe calls for heavy cream, but I substituted with 75gm butter and 3/4 cup milk. durianberry’s $$ saving technique ^_- This is another skill I pick up from mom. She’s very thrifty when it comes to spending money.

Mother's Day #3

2.5 hours of clumsy kitchen work produce this Japanese Souffle Cheesecake! To my amazement, it turned out pretty flawless for the first cake I ever bake. No cracks or sinking in the middle which I fear most. A presentable gift for mom!

Mother's Day #4

The cake is chilled overnight to let the flavour release. In the morning, mom couldn’t be more eager to cut it. Hehe. The cake is cottony soft and melts in the mouth! Rich and creamy too. Yummy :3

Mother's Day #5

Oh wait! Not forgetting the ma-lai go (steamed Malay sponge cake?) given by mom’s friend :D

Mother's Day #6

Tada! A touch of localness.

Thank you, mommy for being a wonderful mother, a fantastic cook and a multitasking housewive!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in the world!

Thank you, SeaDragon for the recipe. It made mom really happy!




8 responses

13 05 2007

oh mix milk with butter become heavy cream? lolz….probably u din use heavy cream so no cracks and sinkage. lolz! haha u so cepat i kenot catch up lar….lolz

14 05 2007

you sure it’s your first time baking a cake? looks too pro wor… ;)

14 05 2007
jason aka ipohwav3

Nice cake! Such lovely present for Mother’s Day :)

15 05 2007

The cheesecake looks perfect. Can’t believe this is your first baked cake, congrats :) Many more happy baking to come, I’m sure.

15 05 2007

Jian – Jaclyn Victor’s Cepat-Cepat song playing in the background liao. Hehe!

sc – Yup! I was a virgin cake baker until now. Hehe. I was surprised myself as how it turned out.

Jason – Tq! Lots of work involved but I didn’t have to spend a lot for a gift :P

SeaDragon – Thx! Definitely more baking in the future since I like eating so much. Haha.

21 05 2007
The 2 Witches

Both cakes look absolutely delish!!! What a lovely gift for any mom.

mama Kelly

22 05 2007

The 2 Witches – Thanks! It will be an inexpensive and effortless gift if I were better at baking :D

15 05 2008

wow… what a beautiful cheese cake! looks like what the cake shop is selling… (^_^) *drool*

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