Mother’s Day Lunch at Paddington House of Pancake

15 05 2007

After our first scrumptious experience at Paddington House of Pancake (Queensbay Mall), my sis and I kept raving about their delicious phop. When dad said he’s going to treat mom for a meal on Mother’s Day, mom suggested Paddington’s (only after with a little nudge from her daughters.. keke).


The service needs much improvement. The waiters are not helpful and a little bit slow on everything. Dad ordered espresso which comes in a tiny cup of about.. 50ml? Lol! The waiter could’ve at least advise dad what to expect as the menu only says espresso and not a shot of espresso. It definitely kept dad awake throughout the day and made him a little high in the evening ^_^;

Treasure Box

Mom wanted pancakes with ice cream and plenty of sweet toppings. Can’t go wrong with the Treasure Box! Yum yum! Plenty of chopped nuts and fruit slices with cute dollar pancakes. RM16.50 for piles of this rounded pancakes.


My sis and I shared the Brussels. Quoting from their menu: buckwheat galettes with cheesy beef bacon, onions, mozzarella, sunny side-up, baked beans and guacamole. RM16.50 for this 10″ in diameter, flat pancake.

Yeeks! Don’t want galettes anymore next time. They are like chapatti. Too thin and flat. In terms of taste, pretty bland ler. Flavours come from the strips of bacon.. lined side by side from left to right. Hehe. That means lots of bacon, that after finishing the paper pancake we still have bacon left.

Guacamole dip

The guacamole is absolutely delicious! Lately I started checking out the price of avacado at every supermarket in hope that I can whip-up my own guacamole dip at home :P

Overall, the pancake is quite good. Very cheesy and noticeable taste of beef in the bacon. It is very, very crispy :) A noteworthy mention to the baked beans. It’s probably Heinz or some branded stuff, because it doesn’t have that weird taste you get in cheap ones. The sunny side-up egg is almost too pretty to break and eat n.n


Ask for mustard. Brings out a whole difference in your savoury pancake.

Dad ordered the pancake with chicken. I can’t remember the name. It never came anyway. Very poor service lor, for such restaurant.

Fly on espresso

By the time we finished our meal, we had a visitor. A fat and tham jiak fly stealing sips of espresso.


We went to Jusco and saw bucketfuls of corns for only 69¢ each. So cheap! So buy, buy, buy!

Corn cob

Get to eat for lunch today :3 Nice and sweet and crunchy.




7 responses

16 05 2007

Alamak…if u somehow sent sms to saying u were going there I would have just asked u to try the mexico beef burger or the australian beef burger. Anyway mexico wan has guacamole too. 2 person would be just ngam ngam otherwise u will be over bloated. Everyone posted Mum’s day lunch….i should get working on my part. lolz… Anyway I like their pancakes….pretty good. Ahahaha pancake burger.

Hey for the lasagna can do alternate layers of diff fillings…1 layer is luncheon meat , 1 layer italian sausages….hohoho….

16 05 2007
jason aka ipohwav3

Nice pancake presentation… Looks too pretty to eat them :P
But fly in da mall??? Errr….

16 05 2007

cool! Wonderful write-up about food @ Paddington House of Pancake. Their food quality drop tremendously recently but luckily their service is still ok back in KL. Hows the respond of the ppl in Penang? Any other good eatery place in Penang?

16 05 2007

Jian – I avoid looking at those american stacks cos they look so humongous. Haha. Too filling for me and sis, cos she eats very little. Ya, really love their pancakes ^_^

Jason – Yup.. they all come in very pretty presentation = photogenic :) Aiyer.. the fly somemore is big and fat, lots of juice in it

Jackson – Paddington has a pretty good stream of customers here in Pg. Can see they’re full house during lunch and dinner times on weekends. I never tried Paddington in KL, I’m not sure how the food quality compares but I anticipate KL to have a slight edge over Pg :]

17 05 2007

Hahaha ur sis on diet ar?
If she wants to be skinny then she should work at Brady for night shift…lolz…sure kurus giler…

Humongous and more tat lui mar…hohoh ^^

19 05 2007

Had been to Paddington House of Pancakes fe times, their pancakes are superb and delicious…especially the dollar pancakes wtih honey and all kinds of fruits and nuts…

5 08 2008

obviously espresso comes in shots. unless they say espresso and steamed milk, wh wud make it a cappucino and espresso with hot water, wh wud make it an americano…

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