KL Gastro Adventure: Day 2 – Evening’s Vibrancy of Colours

22 05 2007

Sorry! Been quite awhile since my stupid hero post ;) I was not up to anything at all. The immense amount of food I consumed and the exhausting days along the gastro adventure did little to intimidate my immune system. In less than 3 weeks at home, I fell sick with a cold, sorethroat and hormone inbalance issue ^_^; Jian experienced sickness the day after she got home from the trip. I guess I already run behind schedule.. blame it on the hormones. (I’m behind schedule with the posts too!)

Chow Kit monorail station

From pan mee & bakso, we moved to nearby Chow Kit market’s delicious offer on fresh produce and their vivacious atmosphere. Chow Kit market is the oldest market in KL. If you watched one of Bobby Chin’s World Cafe: Asia episodes, he was taught a trick by a local at this very market. What he did was hipnotize a live chicken to sleep by massaging it from below the wattles down to the chest. It was hard to believe but the chicken looks like it has already drop dead. Hehe

Chow Kit market #1

Because the market is so well stocked, it looks so vibrant and colourful. You can get pretty much anything you need here. If this vendor doesn’t have what you look for, just move on to the stall beside!

Chow Kit market #2

Mountains of dried anchovy :D

Chow Kit market #3

Mountains of grapes :D

Chow Kit market #4

A slope of cakes :D

Jian and I were 100% captivated. The most interesting market we’ve seen yet! I thought such exuberant market is only found overseas like Italy or India, but now I am damn proud of my local market n.n

Chips packet

It was here that we accidentally bought the oh-so-delicious!-why-lah-didn’t-buy-more! crackers called keropok Geragau (cuz made of Geragau prawns).

Geragau chips

It’s lightly spiced with the aromatic curry leaves that makes it taste so darn good and leave you wanting more. Along with it, we bought a pack of tapioca strips that are very crispy. It’s much thinner compared to the ones we usually find at pasar malam and less salty. RM7 for 2 bags.

Putu piring stall

Putu piring

Of course, wherever we go, we have to try and compare the putu piring at every stall we happen to find. Hehe.
Jian’s verdict: not as good as the ones had in Tg Tokong.
Reason: the brown sugar wasn’t flowing out and flour quality so-so.

Me agree! RM1 for 4 pieces.

Istana Budaya

Last but not least, a monorail ride to the Titiwangsa terminal before boarding a bus to Istana Budaya. Jian and I had a fantastic time relaxing at the beautifully decorated place.. carpetted floor, clean washroom, air-conditioned, high-ceiling with chandeliers. It’s a 5-star hotel-like lobby that we could steal 40-winks while sitting cross legged on the soft carpet :P

It should be added to the list of place to visit, besides KLCC, KL Tower or Putrajaya. The architecture of the building itself is amazing. Further down from Istana Budaya is the National Art Gallery which was under construction at that time. Both of these sites’ surroundings are photogenic grounds for some photo shooting.

Wayang kulit

Why we are there, is not to sleep on carpetted floor ^_^; We joined the rest of the people there for a show of wayang kulit. 5 minutes into it, I was lost in translation and purely just enjoy the bag of tapioca chips bought earlier.

Jian’s post: The Lost Pasar Malam of Chow Kit
Journey to Istana Budaya

Cunning little cold virus.. I shall be in tip-top condition for durian season

Day 2 Part 1
Day 1 Part 2
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2 responses

22 05 2007

Hahaha 3 weeks later oni semua datang sekaligus :P Jiak lat….Faster recover than we can hit the road for more food! Wuahahaha

Hahaha my post tak beberapa complete. Need yours to lengkapkan the pieces….Seriously I couldn’t digest all the things that came across my mind throughout that 8 days =_=” haha paiseh

I din noe thats a keropok udang. lolz…It taste sooo not udang lar but still very sedap…lolz

Hm….I am waiting for the day to get back to the Tjg Tkong Pasar Malam and eat as many putu piring as possible! and also the curry mee!

Faster faster balance ur hormone! lolz

23 05 2007

First time I see kuih putu piring…interesting post…well done :)

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