KL Gastro Adventure: Day 3 – Carnivorous Eat-out

23 05 2007

Mom bought a pack of Vico and I was ecstatic to find this come with it! Transformers free gift n.n

Transformers stickers

There’s a puzzle, 2 stickers and 2 colouring pages nicely packed in a DVD-like box. The robots in the stickers and colouring page are so damn cool, I’m gonna stick it everywhere :> So happy ler!

To gastro adventure day 3…Unable to savour a bowl black sesame tong sui which sold out early, we walked from Hang Tuah station, passed Berjaya Times Square through to the backlane of Jalan Imbi and arrived at Weng Hing coffeeshop for some porky-liciousness. A bit of story on this stall in Jian’s post. The pork noodle comes in two choices, dry or soup. The nice gentleman we shared the table with suggested that we order the dry version for maximum pleasure. Hehe. Observing the surrounding, 99% of the patrons had dry version.

Pork noodle

So, 2 bowls of dry pork noodle. Loh shue fun for me, koey teow for Jian. Mmm.. looks very lardy but in fact, it is not very oily. The combination of dark soy sauce, chopped scallions and fresh minced pork is the epitome of hearty Chinese-Malaysian Sunday breakfast. RM5 per bowl.

Pork noodle - soup

On the side, is a bowl (almost the same size as the noodle) of soup containing pieces of pork balls and slices of Chinese sausage. The pork balls is incredibly fresh tasting and has the right amount of bounce :)

Pork noodle - Chinese sausage

This is the slice of Chinese sausage to die for! I could just munch on this all day until I die from siew cheong overload and I’d still be happy. Inside is perfectly infused with Chinese wine while the outside skin is slightly chewy. Each morsel is a heavenly interlace of flavours that sent me and Jian go
O_O “Whuuuuaaaa!“. I just had my first gastro-orgasm.

Fergie will go singing Porkylicious if she had a taste of this.

Some window shopping at Low Yat, Sg Wang, Times Square and it was time to hit the shack under the tree behind Berjaya Times Square. A couple of times I passed there, the sight of towering steamers placed on top a wok constantly stirs my curiousty. What possible dish that’s so good and secretive, could be hidden in there? Also, there always seems to be a crowd that fills up the no-frill place.

Herbal soup stall

I persuaded and dragged Jian along. Without much problem reading a few Chinese characters here and there, Jian revealed the mystery to me.

“Exotic animals braised in herbal soup. Want to try? Got turtle, squirrel, bats, monkey brain…”

Hah? What!? *(&%#*@

I felt duped into believing this unpretentious shack serves some unbelievingly tasty tai-chow by the stream of customers they have. Ah well, we were already there and not to try it felt like a waste. As Jian put the orders, our gastro adventure has reached a road-block. It’s Fear Factor time! *rubs hands* >_<; Waaaa…

Turtle herbal soup

1st, turtle meat braised in tong sum and kei chi (Chinese wolfberry). The skin is jelly-like but the meat is tender which I find quite similar to bak-kut (pork ribs).

Squirrel herbal soup

2nd, squirrel meat. Jian was suggesting that we should’ve reassemble the pieces and take a photo of it. But I’m so grateful we didn’t! Hee ;o
That would be like, looking at the corpse before digging in. The texture of the meat is like chicken but as the dish gets colder, it starts to taste funny.
At the bottom of the bowl, we found 2 tail bones :)

After the meal, the effect of the herbal soup crept in. Our body began to feel heaty. We quickly made our way to Times Square for 5 bowls of leong cha, 2 bowls went into container for take-away. By night, it was just horrible. The body felt trapped in a sauna we can’t escape. It was just terribly hot! Fortunately, next day we were heading 2000m above sea level to Genting.

I don’t remember how much it cost us but it’s reasonably priced. My first experience of eating exotic animals. Not very good, so to speak. Hehe. Lo lei sui ke lor (find our own trouble). Most customers chose the safer option of herbal chicken, wherelse we wanted to sembelih those cute little scurrying squirrels and endangered turtles ^_^;

On their signboard, mom said that the Chinese characters in red reads Cheong Kee herbal soup (or Chinese health soup).

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3 responses

24 05 2007

thats sui yu lar….in ipoh, there is Sui Yu farm….they are raised for food purposes. hehehe….Hey we should go perlis lar….esp Sun…then we can cross the border without pass.

24 05 2007
jason aka ipohwav3

Weng Hing! Alright, I’m gonna have the dry pork noodle next time I’m there. Was there in April to try their mini egg tarts but sold out. Tried the wan tan mee there, quite good.

26 05 2007

Great photos!!!

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