KL Gastro Adventure: Day 4 – Morning Market Delight

26 05 2007

HK chee cheong fun stall

Even a dead squirrel and mushy turtle couldn’t kill our appetite for more food the next day! Again I dragged Jian to a new eating place. The coffeeshop is located in the corner before the second entrace to Seri Kembangan market in Jalan Besar. It is easy to spot especially when this man removes sheets of steamed rice flour from the steamer like an art :)

To Jian’s relief, no more shocking dishes ^_^ Only a humble plate of plain good HK chee cheong fun. Jian ordered the ones with shrimps, while I had the mix of shrimps and char siew. I have not eaten this version of ccf since I left primary school and they’re quite hard to come by, so I thought we’d better record a video of the process!

HK chee cheong fun

Tada! When it was served, I couldn’t wait to dig my chopstick into it. It took a lot of perseverence to wait and snap. I only took 2 pictures before the mouth-watering dish called out to me. I still remember the softness of the steamed rice flour rolled around the fillings. I’m drooling already! :3~ Oh yeah. I’d be satisfied without any soy sauce but the saltiness gives a wonderful kick with each morsel.

According to Wikipedia, this version of ccf with fillings is called laicheong.

Before leaving, Jian had to buy kai tan ko (egg cake) from the savoury bakery stall we sit next to. She exclaimed joyfully when she saw it because she was searching for this. Haha. Then we went into the market to.. buy more food, of course! Keke n.n

Wun chai ko stall

We came to this stall and Jian gave that same exclamation again. I was like, what?

She told me this is wun chai ko (literally translated – baby bowl pudding/kuih?) or also known as put chai ko (claypot pudding). She has only seen people eating this savoury dessert in HK drama. Then I remembered! In the drama, it’s sold like lollipop where you can hold it by the satay stick.

Wun chai ko

They come in 3 flavours:
Brown – sweet
Pinkish purple – savoury (which is yam)
White – sour (plain)

We bought the former 2. The yam one comes topped with dried shrimps and bits of onion, and a packet of sweet plum sauce. I totally love the sweet wun chai ko! I’m not sure if it used gula melaka. It’s nice to bite :)

I don’t remember what else we bought, memory has failed me :P I just fondly remember that the yam wun chai ko travelled with us up to Genting, survived the shivering cold and get preserved along the way before coming back down. It was still good to eat the day after. Heh.

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Mmm, a disappointing week in football… Man U gave away the FA Cup to Chelsea. Liverpool was edged by AC Milan, who dashed Man U’s European Cup dream. Man U coming to Malaysia anot leh? Still deciding ar? It’s in July leh. KNS punya AFC. Yeah, I need a much needed break to Cameron Highlands! Will be back by Wednesday ^_^




2 responses

27 05 2007
jason aka ipohwav3

Yor… it’s hard to find pun chai kou in Ipoh liao… dun think got ppl sell anymore :(

28 05 2007

your roving eats and sights are pretty xciting ! If only….( hahaha)

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