Strawberry & Durian

7 06 2007

Wee! I’ve been feeling lazy since I came back from Cameron Highlands last week. So many pictures to edit and backup. Procrastination set in and I ended up… *ehehe* you know where lar… in front of the tv lor.

Last Saturday, dad and his colleagues went to one of the durian farms in Balik Pulau. He said he was going to bring something back for us. Then he brought back with this humongous bag of MSG!!! (*#W&%!!! Yer ^_^;

Msg bag

But then I sensed that foul smelling fruit. Heeheehee… durians! I dug the bag and found rambutans, mangosteens and 3 round, sexy durians :3~ I don’t know the name of the durians (nor does dad).


Durian stinky,
yet so tasty,
oh so prickly,
but I can handle it ^_-

Durian flesh

All three of them is different and has their own distinctive flavour. The 2nd and 3rd durians we opened were really good. Very yellowish flesh with liquor taste yet sweet. Heaven!

Cameron Highlands was so fun! It’s one of my most enjoyed holiday trips ^.^ There has been much more additions since my last visit (I think, 5 years ago). The weather was simply superb. We were blessed with cloudy days and windy weather. So the entire day, for 4 days we were there, the air is cooling and fresh :)




You are not alone

I had my hair done on Monday. The hairdresser lady rubbed something onto my hair which smells like coconut and lingers for the entire day and I craved for kuih dadar/ketayap like mad :P




5 responses

8 06 2007

lolz! 25kg msg can last for the rest of your life…hohoh…the liulian is well riped. My place punya pisang goreng aunty sells pulut durian with santan. Din buy tho…eh ya just remember i saw a stall selling roti babi. Note sure if its roti babi tho…Kopitiam 78 (near upper pg rd) i think…sit bus time saw wan. Tak sempat take pic : P

11 06 2007
jason aka ipohwav3

wah, so big ler the MSG bag! but how come paper bag?

13 06 2007

At first I was thinking to myself, got such fruit as “strawberry durian” wan meh?! Oppss….

Anyway, great photos again. ;-)

15 06 2007

the durian’s color is wow …perfect ( hope the taste too ),
and the strawberry also looks romantically hangingly perfect ( almost )
just short of one nice pix of someone eating it !

17 06 2007

Jian – Wah, I never heard of such dessert. But pulut + durian + santan = gemuk

Jason – Yeah, I was surprised too! A whole bag probably caters for one Penang population already. Paper bag used to show they are environmentally friendly? :P

tankiasu – Haha! That’s actually how my pseudonym come about

toxine – The durian taste really good! Local strawberry is too sour. If someone is eating it and you a take a pic, all you see is cringes on his face

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