Food And Fruit Fiesta North Zone 2007

16 06 2007

I was watching our Malaysian pair (women’s double) leading 10-6 against Denmark in the Sudirman Cup. Then, I went to bathe cuz girls play not exciting. And they lost the first match! I switched channels but took a peek half an hour later. In the second match, they were already trailing 13-20! Better to turn off tv and blog about Food And Fruit Fiesta held at Sg Nibong Pesta site.

Jian and I reached at about 7.20pm. Our target – free flow of jus pala (nutmeg juice). It was drizzling. Hence, no pala or any shadow of a kepala giving free juice. Duped.

FF - Lemang & rendang

There are many booths displaying their products.. fresh, cooked or packed. If you missed out Hari Raya, you can buy rendang Tok, lemang, ketupat and serunding. If you can’t make it to Terengganu, they are selling the original lekor from Kampung Losong. Cameron Highlands strawberries, strawberry jam, strawberry preserved, strawberry cordial also got. Kuih bahulu, kek coklat, heong pneah buatan orang Melayu, Nata de Coco, instant laksa paste, dodol, keropok 2 for RM5, cloned mangoes, pineapples, sweet corns, dragonfruits, durian, nutmeg, Ipoh white coffee, Penang white coffee, kopi O…

FF - Sauce

Chilli sauce for dipping. Or buy 10 and use as bowling pins.

FF - Mango

FF - Satay

Ah, yes.. nested in the middle is this food court. We tried the satay tulang (RM1 per stick) which holds true to the name. The bone is barbequed together with the chicken meat, hence the aroma is captivating to the 2 unsuspecting victims. The vendor claimed that it is the only stall which sells satay tulang. But it is bad, really bad. So much bones in the meat that it impaired my eating ability.

FF - Booths

Public response isn’t that good.
Three probable factors – poor publicity, rain, unattractive atmosphere.

As the rain become heavier, we ran into a hall where a cooking competition has just ended.

FF - Cooking competition - Spaghetti

This looks scrumptious. In fact, the only plate which looks edible ;) Oh yeah, the chefs were made compulsory to use “Pacific West Fish Fillet” packs. No Ayamas please.

We stayed for Individual Vegetables Carving Competition. It’s fun for me, in a strange way, like watching paint dry on a wall.

FF - Carving competition

FF - Carving #1

1st prize winner – Paradise of Farmer

FF - Carving #2

2nd prize winner

FF - Carving #3

3rd prize winner – The Colour of Dreams

Losers whom I think should have won.

FF - Carving #4

So cute and almost edible!

FF - Carving #5

The work of this carving is very delicate. And this spot smells the nicest!

FF - Carving chef

We love the air-conditioned hall so much, we stayed for the next event. Vietnamese springroll demonstration by a gorgeous master chef who teaches in KDU. And free sampling.

FF - Vietnamese roll demo

FF - Vietnamese roll

Assorted greens, tofu and shrimps wrapped in rice paper for dipping into sweet and sour condiment – for the health freak in you!




4 responses

16 06 2007

Hohoho good looking chef Darren Tan and yummy-licious popiah….wat more can you ask for…hohohoh…

17 06 2007

Somehow, I feel that it’s more like food presentation than food cooking competition leh… The last pic is the best… look like Vietnamese spring rolls

19 06 2007

lolz….they are vietnamese spring roll lar…

20 06 2007
jason aka ipohwav3

Haha… no wonder look so familiar lar!

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