Father’s Day Lunch

25 06 2007

Father’s Day was celebrated with a lunch treat at Foong Wei Heong Restaurant at Jln Sri Bahari.

Steamed groundnuts

The munchies are not the usual peanut but steamed groundnuts dressed with soy sauce. Yum yum! So addictive.

Spring roll

Spring roll halve

As starter, their signature spring roll. I don’t know what’s stuffed in there :P Not very special, shouldn’t be their signature dish. The flavour of all ingredients is a clashing disaster, IMO.

Vegetable soup

Vegetable soup with century eggs. Tasty and appetising, after I got rid of the eggs. The funny thing is that, it’s served on a plate. I didn’t get much soup in the end.


Braised beancurd is delicious. But I’ve had better at kopitiam tai-chow.

Pork brisket

Stir fry pork brisket in plum and assam sauce. The most delicious dish on the round table. It’s crispy outside and has all the flavour inside. The nicest I ever had. A must order :)

Drunken chicken

The drunken chicken is okay, rather ordinary. The meat is tender and not fatty.

We also had cod fish. The cod is fresh and very silky smooth. Yummy! And also sambal stir fried asparagus which is I ate a lot coz I’m an asparagus nuts.

The total comes to RM 223 for 11 adults and a baby who only had a taste of the fish.




2 responses

25 06 2007

Dun u think the portion there is rather small?

26 06 2007

Not really ar. Enough to feed us and some left over for me to clean up :P However, might consider other options than this restaurant next time

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