*non-halal* Pork Trotter Lunch in Butterworth

26 06 2007

Stall #1

Mom asked if I wanted to eat at an old school no frill place in Butterworth. My immediate reaction is a yes! I wouldn’t pass an opportunity like this. See the photo below? :) Yeah, rustic shophouse with wooden exterior and sliding metal doors. My favourite kind of dining place.

Stall #2

Dad’s client had introduced him to this secret location. Then he brought mom here. A year later (now only they tell me ah!), I get to see and try for myself. I almost couldn’t make it here. My parents thought it has shifted when they couldn’t find the road which leads to this place. It’s located parallel to the highway that’s heading to the cargo loading dock. Just before the entrance on the side to the ferry terminal, dad instinctively turn right and there it is!

Pork trotter meal

People throng this place for their well known delicious pork trotter. They started out as an economy rice stall but became famous for this meat dish that’s slow cooked in dark sauce with a hint of herb (star anise maybe?). Their selection of other side dishes is very few and basic. Keeps your palate clear to savour their specialty :)

Pork trotter

The meat is extremely succulent and tender! I can’t have enough of it. The gravy may look watery and run-down but it’s actually quite flavoursome. After almost drenching my rice with it, we requested for more gravy and the taukeh kindly refill for us.

We asked for lean meat, so I’m not sure if the fatty leg part will be given if we had not specified? It cost RM12 just for the pork. The total comes to RM18 including the side dishes and drinks.

Sunway Carnival Mall

After that, a detour to the new Sunway Carnival Mall before going back, just to well, find an excuse to visit a new mall. Nothing much to see. Very few clothing stores. A walk in the basement where eateries are reveals restaurant names that are carbon copy of Queensbay Mall’s, just fewer.

For those who’s interested to visit this coffeeshop, I hope Wikimapia can help you :P (since I’m so poor with the direction). The location of the shophouse is mapped. It’s located just outside the BORR.




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26 06 2007

Can I have the more details direction to this place, of course there are located in the Butterworth cargo terminal but with more details road guide it is difficult to drive there??

Hope you can help!


26 06 2007

coketai – This place is actually just beside the ferry terminal. I can’t really describe the route there because my dad was simply driving and hope to find it by chance. Hope I can help you the best I can. The shop is located along a row of other shophouses (most of them are closed) that sport the same exterior. If you are disembarking from the ferry, try to get the left side. Head towards where there are some taxis parked outside the entrance. There is a road on the left with zink walls that enclose the property. That’s where the shophouses are, on your right once you turn into the road. If you head straight instead, it’s the highway that leads to the cargo terminal.

27 06 2007

Hidden gem indeed, or very hidden to be more exact. Wonder whether Ill ever have a chance to try this.

27 06 2007

lolz fuyoh…I ady pening with the road direction…Pork trotter ar? My mom uses star anise , spring onion and some other spices also when she cooks the similar dish.

30 06 2007

this kind of traditional one big piece of golden thickskin pork shud be very steady & delicious. Can see your shining satisfied mouth after just 1 bite.
Best with traditonal hot chinese tea and maybe old fashion loti !
Put the German dry knuckles ( must have beer RM 13 a mug one ) sold for 5 times more to shame. Have you tried this German/European one ? You shud then u will appreciate the old style Chinaman one even more ( just like us ! )

30 06 2007

tankiasu – Sure you will have the chance to try. I will gladly bring you there if you are in Pg. Once comes to cari makan, Malaysian boleh!

Jian – Wah, your mom can cook this? Then nonid go so far away lar. Homecook beats outside anytime :P

toxine – Sadly I’ve never tried European pork. As you said, too expensive. I presume it would be roast pork? But for a simple fulfilling cheapskate meal, our traditional porky meal is still the best eh.. hehe

30 06 2007

Dunno the taste will be similar anot….my dad’s restaurant recipe…but when adapted by mom jadi lain pula…haha…my dad’s place ada jual lar…”hung siew chu kiok”…neh the one I posted about a week ago. Eat with fried mantou. haha i bet u alone can sapu the whole thing habis. Its fatty-licious :3~

3 07 2007
New Kid On The Blog

Not many people know this place… and you found it.
You must be from Butterworth?

10 08 2009

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