KL Gastro Adventure: Day 5 – Brickfields and Bangsar

2 07 2007

Two of us are unrestless when there’s no food surrounding us. We were overnighting in my dorm room where the only thing edible is sadly, dispenser water ;( The next day, we targetted Little India that captivated our tummies with their amazing array of foods before moving on to posh Bangsar ^_^

Indian food in my opinion, is the most flavourful cuisine. Richly characterised by layers of herbs and spices used in their cooking, I love everything Indian food could offer. Even something as simple as this currypuff


Dhal vadai

to this dhal vadai.. made from dhal pulp and bits of lentils and spices like cardamom seeds, cumin seeds, then fried until crispy golden brown. It is so delicious! Interestingly, most of the Indian eateries have a stall selling these snacks set up in front along the pathway. 70¢ each.

Sweets display

Unresistable Indian sweets are sold at specialty stores and also restaurants. Colourful stacks of vadai, ladoo, halway and burfi in a display case is like naked eyes drawn to diamonds.

Milk cookie

Jian had to had their milk cookie! Hehe. 70¢ per piece. Suitable for milk-lover as the flavour of milk is so evident!

Halwa cake

I tried their halwa cake which is simply flour and lots of sugar! For a mere 50¢ a piece, it was extremely fulfilling. The texture is very crumbly and hard, nothing like cake :P Do not attempt with denture!

While waiting for a bus to Bangsar, we learned about the newly changed bus system from a lady who’s uncontented with the changes. Apparently, the busses are servicing a wider area now and it takes a much longer time to wait. All the bus numbers have been revised as well. Nonetheless, we made it to Nam Chuan coffeeshop for Sarawak laksa and abacus seeds.

Abacus plate

Abacus seeds

I’ve never tried this Hakka dish before. It’s quite tasteless to me. While Jian thinks the Sarawak laksa is close to Penang curry mee minus the oomph. Haha! RM 3.00 for the abacus seeds dish.

Cendol stall

On the way to Bangsar Village, we passed a cendol stall manned by an Indian. We were already bloated, so we asked when he closes. Around 6pm. So, we just have to make sure that we come back here by 6 ;)

Putu piring stall

Putu piring

We had a bowl of not very satisfying cendol each (RM 1.20). It’s like drinking diluted coconut milk. Fortunately, the putu piring stall we spotted saved the day. By the look of people patronising this stall, we knew it must be good. Standing there watching the mother and daughter team working non-stop, they gotta be churning out 20 pieces a minute. 40¢ a piece.

A road block due to Wesak Day procession led to a longer than usual trip back to KL Sentral. But it was blessing in disguise, as the bus driver dropped the passengers in front of the drop-off/pick-up gate. Just in time, we maneuvered our way passed devotees with candles in their palms and snap away at these beautiful floats!

Wesak Day float - the reclining buddha

Wesak Day procession

Wesak Day float - monk & buddha

It was a fantastic day! ^_^

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2 responses

4 07 2007

ohh.. that’s very authentic! I guess they use mutton in the curry puffs but I never actually tried mutton… so how does it tastes like?

6 07 2007

Jason – Both Jian and I agreed that the ones sold in Penang’s Little India tastes better. It’s simply mashed potato inside spiced with those Indian spices. Would’ve preferred with more fillings!

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