Blue Diamond Inn Mexican Food

6 07 2007

I found out about this Mexican food joint in Chulia Street from NST. I never knew there is one in Penang! It is sort of like a cafe located in the Blue Diamond Inn. I thought of giving this place a try to see for myself.

So, many dishes to try means more eating-man-power needed. I invited some ex-classmates and a couple of friends to dine there on my birthday. Okay, that’s selfish of me :P Their menu consists of authentic Mexican food names that those unfamiliar will be left stranded deciding. A little help from the staff would be nice. There were 6 of us, so we managed to try about 70% of the Mexican dishes in their menu. They serve standard Western food as well such as burgers and hotdogs, fish & chips, lamb chop, etc. Our orders were taken by a lady who can’t take orders. Blur like sotong. Haiz.


Drinks and food were served a tad too slow and inefficient (I was asked a couple of times what drink was ordered). Having only one man cooking, a few dishes had turned a bit cold when all 6 dishes came at once. This guy is the one who can whip up Mexican food. His photo is actually on the menu cover. Hehe. When I inquired the operating hours of the cafe, I was told he goes on vacation quite often.

Chilli con carne

I think this is chilli con carne. In The Sims 2, I learn that it is a stewed dish served in a bowl. Jian and I were scratching our heads when we couldn’t find anything close to that out of the 6 dishes. Sorry if I was wrong. Man, I have absolutely no idea. Basically, everything tasted almost the same. What sets them apart are the cuts and shapes of the tortilla wrap and additional ingredients in some dishes ;)


Fajita (I think)


Beef enchilada. It is supposed to be topped with cheese sauce and baked. It doesn’t appear to be baked.


Chicken quesadilla.

We also had tacos and a plate of chicken and bean burrito. They are all spicy despite that I had ordered mild. Like Nando’s, you can choose to have mild, medium or hot.

Location: Blue Diamond Inn, Chulia Street. A few shophouses down on your left once turn in from Penang Street.
Operating hours: 6pm-12am. Closed on Monday.

Tiramisu cake

Jenni's homemade cakes & bakery

Tiramisu cake from Jenni’s! Thanks for buying, Jian ^_^ Just the right balance of sweetness and creamyness. Scrumptious! I love that there’s hint of rum accompanies each bite.

*Note: My name is not Ah Ma (grandmother) okay. Cheeky punya Jian. In fact, it is my position and level (second ultimate next to Ah Kong currently hold by Jian) in ex-U6S1 class. Teeheehee :P

Cake closeup

Edible white chocolate flower… sweet!

Cake slice

Layers of cake and frosting.. yummy! Yay, lau ah ma turn 1 year old!

A beary big appreciation to all who showed up :) Jian, CH, CY, LY, CC, KN, CL. Especially to Jian. Thanks buddy! Love the huggable miao miao gift from you and CH. So sorry the meal wasn’t satisfying and up to standard. I hope there’s a better next time next year.

Jenni's shop

Location: Burmah Road, Pulau Tikus
Check out Jian’s Pulau Tikus area map for the location of Jenni’s Homemade Cakes & Bakery.




4 responses

6 07 2007

Bwahahaha! No sweat….pandainye awak….tumpang my map pula >.

7 07 2007

Ho ho ho happy belated birthday !
the cook must be a jovial happy go lucky fella right. i was told mexicans are among the world’s most relaxed people so everything will be slow & easy.
there I just saw zorro zzzzzzzzzzzz by and oh dear tonto is drunk again beside da bar

9 07 2007

Happy belated birthday! Sorry that the meal turns out of expectation. But the company makes the difference right? :)

24 07 2007
New Kid On The Blog

Hi… swing by to say hi. Yes, Jenni Cake HOuse is one of the famous one in Penang. In fact, they do take apprentice for any cake lessons…..

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