Pack Up For Year 2

7 07 2007


It’s back to school again ;( I will miss: home cooking, mom’s deliciously prepared food, Martha Stewart, Anthony Bourdain, channel surfing, digging the fridge, 24-hours Astro, driving, being lazy, food hunting, waking up at anytime, not having to wash clothes, not going to classes, not dozing off to lectures, not having homeworks, not looking at pathetic canteen foods,  and going shopping on weekends………………




3 responses

8 07 2007

hahah cure miao miao stickking out of the bag. Aiyoh…not only u lar….i am so going to get the portable i-frame that can watch tv….can eye on that for me in Low Yat? : P

i moved to new block >.

9 07 2007

Haha… sounds like me during the weekend!

13 07 2007

hello Sl,

Good luck in your new semester. ME here also suffering.. so many assigments and projects on hand d.. sigh. sigh.. plus this smester got no semester break.stupid…
take care and all the best! =)


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