Balik Pulau durian & laksa

17 07 2007

I felt like I’ve yet to settle down. I have so many things on my mind, yet I can’t carry them out. Haiz… I hope everything can be wrapped up soon, so I can focus on studies.

Recently, I had a hit of reality. People are cunning. Manipulative of your trust in them. I spent so much time in my little comfort zone surrounded by my parents’ protectiveness that I forgot the real world outside. It was a wake up call.

Food makes me happy ^_^ So I will blog about the day I went to Balik Pulau with dad and his friend before I came back to uni. Balik Pulau -> durian -> laksa. Heeheehee!


Dad’s friend works around here and knew the seller. This makeshift stall is at the junction into the market. When durian season arrives, the rambutans and mangosteen are always there accompanying the durians :)

Durian basket

Durian runtuh!


Dad wanted to buy cempedak and asked the seller if it’s good. He promptly opened up a small one to reveal a deep orange hue of flesh. It is such a beautiful colour, honestly. The man asked us to eat and finish it. It’s very creamy and extremely sweet! By the time I was going to take a pic, the cempedak already kosong. Hehe.. sorry, what you see here is the fibrous leftover.

Durian D22

If you wanted branded durians like Hor Lor, Ang Hea, etc.. most of them had been snatched up earlier in the morning. Reservation can be made and they will keep the stock for you. What was left is this D22.


The sunshine yellow pulp inside the D22 :D Thinking about it makes me :3~ *drool*. Not too creamy nor bitter and just a hint of sweetness to counter the bitterness.

We bought 8 durians and 2 cempedak for the price of RM60. It’s slightly cheaper now as the season is in full bloom and supply is more. 7 other durians are brandless but taste good nonetheless! Brand does not matter, IMHO :P

Laksa stall #1

One block down, at the junction with traffic directed out from the market, is this irresistible Balik Pulau laksa. If you notice, they are featured in The Star Rasa-rasa Malaysia.

Laksa stall #2

Siam laksa

Their specialty really is the Siam laksa. Spicy and tangy broth with coconut milk and a spoonful of prawn paste. It is unbelievingly tasty, fragrant and much more original than the equivalent lemak laksa found elsewhere. Only RM 2.20 a bowl. You can also opt for the regular laksa or mix. Yes, mix sounds interesting. I would try that out sometime :)

Nan Guan coffeeshop
Balik Pulau main road
Open from 11am – 5pm
Close on Wed

Fish roll

After delivering a few durians and a cempedak to grandparents’ house, dad and I had a chance to savour steamed lorbak made by the maid. For the lack of appropriate name, the only difference compared to the normal lorbak is the fillings. My grandparents’ need to eat healthy, so this is made from ikan parang (Wolf Herring / Sai Toh Yee) ground into paste. Then a few slices of carrot and celery before being wrapped with beancurd sheets.




11 responses

18 07 2007
jason aka ipohwav3

Durian’s everywhere! Seriously, I haven’t try Siam laksa before. I don’t even know how to differentiate them except assam laksa and Sarawak laksa. :(

18 07 2007

coincidentally we are always wary of the durian seller when it comes to trust for he always seems to outsmart us ! but yes maybe all it takes is to indulge in yr fave golden wrinked durians( only when u can see them straight in the eye errr flesh ) and the deep smelling cempadak then topped up with the famous Balik Pulau laksa which PG guy bsg says is da best AL of all time. Who are the rest non-Pg bsg to argue right !

18 07 2007

aiyoh….my mom dun like to go so far (tho actually its just located at the hill , far end of farlim =.=)

my flat downstairs also selling liu lian full swing….aiyoh…

19 07 2007

Hey there, how have you been? Dropped by again after going through the Ultimate List….wah, the cempedak colour is lovely! Yum!

19 07 2007

Jason – Come to Pg for food crawl, you’ll be a laksa expert in no time :P Hehe

toxine – Yup, if you are lucky, you get good batches of durian. But the safest option is to open them up right there and indulge!

Jian – Yalor, it’s closer to your house than mine… cross the mountain only :) But everywhere also can get durian that is no much difference

wmw – Thanks for dropping by! The taste is also as lovely as the colour :D

19 07 2007
jason aka ipohwav3

Would love to organise one if the floggers are keen :)

19 07 2007

wahh hahaha suddenly penang has so many customer from the south…lolz

20 07 2007

Oh heard about this Balik Pulau laksa many times, but never got to try it out as it is quite out of the way. :P

19 04 2009

I envy everyone in Penang, get to eat such quality liu lian, I only get frozen Thai ones.

13 09 2009

l have tried before the laksa there, but it’s not really nice.
The other stall which located in front of the old market near road side is the best one.They are the origin famous laksa in Balik Pulau. l heard that they have moved to Balik Pualu new market.

15 05 2010

Catherine, i agree with yo, that laksa show in the picture is not Laksa balik pulau. That is Kim Laksa. the taste is not god and the original laksa balik pulau is located in front of Kim Laksa, Just beside the hardware shop. They also have stall lot located in the Balik Pulau new market.

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