Petaling St – Taste, The Annexe Gallery – The Rest of 5 Senses

23 07 2007

Workshop #1

I was at The Annexe, Central Market last Saturday for the exhibition Sharing Space – Contemporary Photography of Malaysia + Japan. Based on the idea “to reveal the reality behind the visible”, the photographers invite us into the visible and invisible spaces they have captured.

Admission is free
Until Sunday, 29 July 07
11am – 8pm

Workshop #2

I attended their workshop which is only RM15 for students. The workshop brings the participants around the gallery, briefing on the photos and the concept behind capturing them in such a way.

Workshop #4

This is my favourite work, by Minstrel Kiuk. Entitled “Pursuit”, it is a 27 series postcards comprising images from an F1 race. Each postcard has two images, which is continuous from the previous series. By overlapping the similar image and arranging them from 01-27, they appear to chase after the next image and thus the title. Brilliant eh :)

Workshop #3

Everyone there was so artsy-fartsy while I was just a lost deer in the art world. But I truly enjoyed the experience and gained greater insights in art photography (very different from commercial and amateur photography).

Petaling St chee cheong fun stall

Of course then, I found myself at Petaling St before I went for the exhibition :P I keep coming back here because of the endless selection of food I have yet to try. For example, the chee cheong fun shop tucked at a corner, hidden from view by a fruit stall. It is located across the famous longan drink (air mata kucing) stall. I found it when I was walking along the walkway inside, oppose to the road where vehicles are also using it in the morning.

Petaling St chee cheong fun

For RM 2, the portion is extremely big for a chee cheong fun. There are a few spring onions here and there, which is something new I’ve seen :) They serve without the additional yong tau foo stuff. Down to the basic! I ordered minus the curry. It comes with tim cheong and topped with plenty of sesame. They have a bottle of soy sauce on the table. Curiously I asked if I could have it plain, then douse the soy sauce as I please. That was how my grandmother used to order for me when I was small. The taukeh said yes, and that would be my choice when I revisit the stall :>

I was very full after I cleared the plate. The chee cheong fun at Jalan Sayur is still the yummiest I’ve had though. Later I heard a customer asked for har mai. So I supposed the crispy shrimps must be ordered separately.

Petaling St sweet potato ball

The sweet potato ball that I must have whenever I’m at Petaling St ^_^ RM 2 for 10

Madras Lane market cendol

I walked into the wet market and explored a little before reaching the food stalls section. Feeling thirsty, I ordered cendol. But I was disapointed when the cendol was presented to me like that :( I want cendol in a bowl! I was basically drinking coconut milk with cendol and not eating it. No red beans in sight too. Hmpph! I should’ve ordered ABC. It has all the essential ingredients plus cendol scooped on top. RM 1.80




7 responses

23 07 2007

wow really interesting…and its good that they have someone to explain the exhibited stuff! Hahah can go up the attic wan izzit? cool!

must make my way to art muzium and art gallery for ideas : P hopefully soon

haha thats how i have my chee cheong fun up to today lar…chee cheong fun with soy sauce oni : ) kekeke

24 07 2007

its true they shudn’t put straws in cendul , gets stuck all da time !
the CCF is the 60s oldies version and sounds like Bee Gees ,
sweet & sentimental hahaha

24 07 2007

Jian – Yeah, there are two platforms in the rooms on each side of the main hall. Can go up, but the stairs super steep. The time we were there, they were doing some renovation work on the platforms I think. Ccf with soy sauce and the PICKLED GREEN CHILLIES! Yum yum ler… I really miss that.

tonixe – The straw is the bigger diameter type like you get from pearl tea drinks. In contrast, the cendol travels so fast through the straw and shot into my mouth I almost choked ^_^; Good ol’ ccf… No wonder so nostalgic.

24 07 2007

I’m starting to like Petaling Street. Plenty of hidden gems await to be discovered :)

24 07 2007

Great photos once again. Kekeke…the quality of your photos are distracting me away from focusing on the food! :P

24 07 2007

lolz…dun choke until the chendol comes out of ur nose! >.< eeks!

u always manage to capture the light spot on. aihs…

27 07 2007

Jason – Ya, and I haven’t got around the perimeter of Petaling St yet!

tankiasu – Tq! I intend to portray the food as good as it’s served in front of you :P

Jian – Oh, slimy green worm crawling out of my nose. Halloween can pose like that!

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