27 07 2007

I am so upset by the course of events throughout the week. I really want to runaway and return to Penang for awhile. Worst is… nobody listens to me, not even my parents :(

I’m heading home next week regardless of the circumstances. Just want to take a break. And eat home cooked meal. Wished I could be back this week but I’ve registered for 3 days church camp. Hope the camp will be fun ler…




5 responses

30 07 2007

then u shud run away with the indisputable Gluttons !
sure to forgit yr little mallittleadjustments

30 07 2007

what happen ler? hope things are better now?

31 07 2007

Ah… sorry to hear that. Hang in there!

31 07 2007

May God grant you the serenity to accept the things you cannot change;
courage to change the things you can; and wisdom to know the difference

Oh and go recite Psalm 23 too. Never fail to make me feel more peaceful. ;-) Take care yah.

1 08 2007

Hey come back lar lolz…i din say NO to u also…kekeke…u can come bunk with me if u want…..lolz…saw rapid buses around ady….tapi belum naik yet…

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