Sesuai Untuk Tontonan Umum

2 08 2007

*Note to Government: Selamat untuk ditonton bayi dan bebudak kecil. Tidak mengandungi is-isu sensitif. Ohohoho…

Yuppieee! Balik kampung tonight ^_^

Thanks everyone for your well-wishes. It means a lot to have encouraging messages in times like this. I have enjoyed myself greatly at the camp. I felt really blessed throughout the 3 days in the presence of the Almighty ^_^

Sorry! Food posts coming up. Promise :)




3 responses

2 08 2007
New Kid On The Blog

Sorry if I hv missed out something… hope you’re well …. just dont worried too much or frustrated too much… things will move on….

How do you get those right reserve logo? care to share?? you can drop me a line in

4 08 2007

New Kid On The Blog – Click on the logo. It’ll bring you to a page where you just have to type your blog URL. After scanning your blog, they’ll award you the appropriate logo!

6 08 2007
New Kid On The Blog

Thks durianberry!!! You’re an angel!!

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