Homemade popiah

4 08 2007

Popiah skin shop

Just before the traffic lights in Perak Rd, opposite the morning market is this shop that sells popiah skin for the price of around RM2 for 600g. The skin is so good… I sometimes eat it on its own ;) They open after 9am and supplies to popiah stalls.

Popiah fillings

To prepare this mixture of fillings, mom uses yam bean, carrot, mushroom and Chinese coriander. While stir frying, add some chicken stock and season with soy sauce. Yum yum! The coriander must be the fragrant type used in Hainanese chicken rice… coz it really does make a big difference :)

Homemade popiah #1

Spread rojak sauce and chilli paste, if you prefer onto the popiah skin. Then top the fillings in the middle before wrapping the popiah.

Homemade popiah #2

The tastiest popiah is made at home! I really prefer this over those sold outside :P




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5 08 2007

hihi.. U’re from Penang? O-my-god.. is it like living in a heaven of food?? Craved for Penang food lots! the homemade popiah made me drool!the fillings are tempting from your pictures :) Generous portions of fillings!

5 08 2007
ai wei

oh my, this is so tempting *drooling*. came across thru christine’s brought up to share. nice blog~

6 08 2007

i m coming now , wait for me !

6 08 2007
New Kid On The Blog

Wow – thanks for sharing!!!
I’ve been looking for this popiah skin in Penang, can’t find the store….

6 08 2007

i agree that the tastiest popiahs are those home-made. my family normally make them ourselves too including the skin =)

another nice Malaysian blog!

7 08 2007

Welcome back! Never do any popiah before as can’t find the skin.

8 08 2007

Dear Penangite,

Can you please list me eateries that I must go and try in Penang Island? I’m going there this Friday till Saturday. :)

Thanks in advance!

10 08 2007

Long time no eat d! Drools!
Oi tankiasu aka Sexy Beast, bringing back goodies for all????

14 08 2007

Christine – Ya I’m from Pg! But KL is also a food paradise I love exploring very much :D

ai wei – Tq for dropping by!

toxine – Lol, don’t worry, food is available 24hrs in Malaysia. If cannot get Chinese popiah, grab an Indian popiah or a Malay popiah basah :P

New Kid On The Blog – This is the only stall I know selling popiah skin. Is there any over at Butterworth?

IronEaters – Wah… so lucky :) Got recipe for homemade popiah skin?

Jason – Ya, but Ipoh got very tasty popiah, so can just make a short drive to eat when you’re back in hometown ^_^

tankiasu – Sorry I didn’t make it back in time to reply. Hopefully Jian’s response brought you to good eats in Pg!

Tummythoz – Ahh.. maybe tankiasu got tar-pau Pg popiah back? :P

15 08 2007
New Kid On The Blog

nothing like that in Butterworth, perhaps I’ve yet to explore further….

17 08 2007

New Kid On The Blog – Yup, those kind of stalls always tend to hide at the most unexpected corner. I could’ve missed this shop while maneuvering the tricky Jln Perak

11 06 2009

Hi Durian Berry,

That is one of the most delish looking popiah basah I ever since for a long time. You guys in Malaysia are so lucky when it comes to food. It is so difficult to get good and authentic dishes even in restaurants over here in the UK, not only that the price is sky high but it doesnt taste as nice.

I will definitely try the recipe.


12 08 2010

hi, are you using the popiah skin directly without steaming it or in kind? (hygiene purpose)

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