Puchong Escapade

20 08 2007

Wed, two weeks ago, my parents drove me from Penang back to my uni as they are also coming to KL for holiday. We set off at 4am because I had to sit for my Microprocessor quiz at 9am. Hehe. After that, I skipped tutorial and Seminar lecture and drove out with my parents to Puchong. Mom has written down a few respectable places for food in KL

Yong Sheng Confectionery IOI Mall

We went to IOI Mall and I stopped by this Yong Sheng Sdn. Bhd. booth to try out mooncake samples. Hehe. Eventually, I had to try their Japanese mochi too as they look so cute and soft.

Yong Sheng Confectionery Japanese mochi

My parents ended up buying 4 packets and we get 2 packets free. They give a very nice box to contain the mochi (6 in each packet), perfect as gifts or souvenirs. They are having a buy 2 free 1 promotion for a price of RM10. There are red bean, peanuts and green tea flavour. The green tea lacks flavour, I hardly taste it unless I concentrate when chewing :P
Mom intended to try the spinach pan mee stall at Jalan Kenari 2. By the time we found the coffeeshop which house the pan mee stall, it was already closed :( The banks which congregate around the area made it really difficult to find a parking space. The traffic flow was a nightmare and we were stucked in a one lane road.

It was already 3pm and we were hungry. Most of the coffeeshops were done for the day, so we just dropped by one in the next block which is still opened. We ordered Hokkien char (or Tai Luk Meen) and Ying yong wat tan hor from a fried noodle stall.

Hokkien fried noodle

The food was pretty good. Hokkien char (Hokkien fried noodle) is lightly stir fried and the least oily I’ve had anywhere. The ingredients are a bit on the skimpy side but overall quite tasty.

Cantonese noodle

Ying yong wat tan hor (Cantonese fried noodle) was delicious. Crispy noodle and soft flat noodle in a thick eggy gravy topped with two fresh prawns. More eggy bits will be nice :)

Pork noodle

Pork noodle is not bad but rather ordinary only.

Yau Kwang Restaurant
Jalan Kenari 3 (I think), shophouse row opposite IOI Mall




3 responses

20 08 2007

i wan “yin yong” !! hehe

23 08 2007

Jackson – Yeah it’s good :) I like the crispy noodle they give

24 08 2007

ohhh..hahah its a trend ady…the dim sum place at taman pekaka also serve noodles like dat…

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